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September 13 - 16, 2020  ~  Virtual Conference
*** COVID-19 Update  –  The conference has been moved to an entirely virtual event (September 13-16, 2020). Read more here. ***

  Asynchronous Presentations

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Keynote Addresses
"Assistive Technologies: Companion or Controller? Appropriation Instead of Instruction"
Tina Haase
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Germany
"Does Multidisciplinary Learning Help Global Problem: Covid-19 by Biomedical Engineering?"
Shigehiro Hashimoto
Kogakuin University, Japan
"Educating for the Future – Cultivating Practical Wisdom in Education"
Maria Jakubik
Ronin Institute, United States
"From Creative Destruction to Creative Disruption"
Elīna Gaile-Sarkane
Riga Technical University, Latvia
Natalja Lace
Riga Technical University, Latvia
"Interventions to Improve Cognitive Presence and Student Performance in the Age of COVID-19"
Madhumita Banerjee
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, United States
"Social Media and Higher Education"
Songmei Yu
Felicia University, United States
"The Agile Universe – Its Development and Evolution"
Thomas Marlowe
Seton Hall University, United States
"The Pedagogical Importance of Building Increasingly Complex Models: From Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations to System Scaffolding"
Mark Budnik
Valparaiso University, United States
"What’s in a Name?"
Kevin Foltz
Institute for Defense Analyses, United States
Application of Education Technologies (EISTA)
''Educational Technology for Laboratory Experiments in Nuclear Physics and Related Sciences''
Lazarte, Gustavo; Cruz, Kouichi Julian Andres; Perez Lucero, Alejandra Lucia; Chautemps, Norma Adriana; Keil, Walter Miguel (Argentina)

''Enhancing Cognitive Presence through Videos in Online Courses''
Banerjee, Madhumita; Wolf, Joy; Chalasani, Suresh (United States)

Applications of Informatics and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering (WMSCI/BMIC)
''Challenges in Conversational Search: Improving the System Capabilities and Guiding the Search Process''
Sa, Ning; Yuan, Xiaojun (United States)

''Classifying Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asd) Causal Genes Based on Intrinsic Disordered Regions''
Shazman, Shula (Israel)

''Experimental Validation of the DSTATCOM Based on SiC-MOSFET Multilevel Converter for Reactive Power Compensation''
Gregor, Raúl; Pacher, Julio; Renault, Alfredo; Comparatore, Leonardo; Rodas, Jorge (Paraguay)

''New Transparent Flexible Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cell''
Guedes, Andre F. S.; Tartari, Simone (Brazil)

''Solving Optimal Batch Size Considering Partial Outsourcing Plan and Rework Without Derivatives''
Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter; Chiu, Singa Wang; Zhao, Zhong-Yun; Lian, Jian-Hua; Ke, Chih-Yun (Taiwan)

''Time Series Modeling of Lifespans of Earth Satellites''
Batthula, Venkata Jaipal Reddy; Segall, Richard S.; Berleant, Daniel; Kodali, Venkat; Howell, Michael; Aboudja, Hyacinthe (United States)

Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training (WMSCI/IMSCI/EISTA)
''An Effective Model for Large Scale Implementation in the Field of Education''
Yadav, Prem; Billava, Roopa; Bora, Loni; Ngaihte, S K (India)

''Characterization and Analysis with xAPI Based Graphs for Adaptive Interactive Learning Environments''
Streicher, Alexander; Pickl, Stefan Wolfgang (Germany)

''Management Library System Based on NFC Technology''
Chavez, Alexa; Acevedo, Elena; Acevedo, Antonio (Mexico)

''Professional-Oriented Training of Specialists Under Implementation of Cloud Computing Information Systems in Cooperation Between Universities and IT Companies''
Kopishynska, Olena; Utkin, Yurii; Sliusar, Ihor; Slyusar, Vadym; Protas, Nadiia; Barabolia, Olha (Ukraine)

''Technology and Cross-Cultural Communication in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language''
Kourova, Alla (United States)

''The Paradox of Cloudlessness Stymied Information Systems, Technologies and Application in Architectural Education in the Global South: The Case of Ghana''
Oppong, Rexford Assasie; Owusu, Emmanuel Banahene; Haruna, Ayisha Ida (Ghana)

Biomedical Engineering - (0000006) (BMIC)
Organizers: Shigehiro Hashimoto and Hirotoshi Hishida (Japan)
''Alignment of Myoblast Cultured on Micro Striped Ridge After Centrifuge Stimulation: Before and After Division''
Endo, Yuji; Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Kageyama, Yoshisato; Morita, Yu; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Basic Concept of the Data Base on Music and Sound - I: Examples of Frequency Analysis -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Yamamoto, Dai; Hishida, Keiko; Fujii, Yamato; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Basic Concept of the Data Base on Music and Sound - II: Frequency Analysis to Beethoven's Piano Sonatas -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Keiko; Yamamoto, Dai; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Directivity in an Oblique Projection Drawing – The Influence of Time on the Directivity''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Fujii, Yamato; Hishida, Mitsuhiro (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Mechanism of Earphone Hearing Loss – About Correlation between Ear Age and Real Age''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Fujii, Yamato; Kawano, Atsushi; Hishida, Keiko; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Recognition of Height (Vertical Length) and Width (Horizontal Length) of Squares''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Mitsuhiro (Japan)

''Cultured Myoblasts Orientation Under Couette Type of Shear Flow Between Parallel Disks: Fusion and Division''
Endo, Yuji; Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Toma, Sora; Asahino, Akira; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Design of Flow Channel for Cell Sorter by Dielectrophoresis with Photolithography Technique''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Matsuzawa, Ryota; Endo, Yuji; Noji, Takeru; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Hysteresis Effect of Shear Flow Field on Migration Velocity of Cell: After and Before Division of L929 and 3T3-L1''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Shimada, Kosuke; Endo, Yuji; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Micro Back-Markers on Thin Film of Scaffold to Measure Repetitive Local Contraction of Myotubes in Vitro''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Saito, Yuta; Endo, Yuji; Shinoda, Shun; Toyota, Shouki; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Tracings of Myoblasts Orientation Under Shear Flow in Vitro''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Kimura, Kento; Endo, Yuji; Sakai, Michitaka; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

''Velocity of Flowing Myoblast Cell at Oblique Micro Grooves''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Matsumoto, Taku; Endo, Yuji; Kuwabara, Shono; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Yoshinaka, Kiyoshi (Japan)

Ciencia e Ingeniería de la Computación (CISCI)
''Análisis de Texto por Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (PNL) con Software R desde Opiniones sobre 'Feminicidio' en Diarios del Perú''
More Valencia, Rubén A.; Quito Rodríguez, Carmen Z.; Torres Ludeña, Luciana M. (Peru)

''Desarrollo de In-Room Entertainment System con LG webOS Signage para la Industria Hotelera''
Luyo, Sergio A.; Chipana, Miguel A.; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Desarrollo de una Aplicación Médico Educativa: Digital Corpus''
Barrientos, Alfredo; Yarlequé Farfán, Pedro A.; Brancacho Ramon, Sebastian A. (Peru)

''Desarrollo de Videojuegos en Realidad Virtual para una Plataforma Omnidireccional''
Barrientos, Alfredo; García, Jorge D.; Poma, Rodrigo R. (Peru)

''Implementación de un Espejo Inteligente en la Industria Hotelera Basado en webOS Signage y Google Assistant''
Barrientos, Alfredo; Vásquez, José L.; Zárate, Carlos F. (Peru)

''Optimización del Proceso de Envasado en Máquinas Multicabezal con Sistemas de Doble Capa Vertical''
García-Jiménez, Rafael*; García-Díaz, J. Carlos**; Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.* (*Colombia, **Spain)

''Podcast en Ecuador: Perspectiva Internacional y Nacional''
Quezada, Lourdes K.*; Suing, Abel R.*; Montaño, Juan D.** (*Ecuador, **Mexico)

Computer Science and Engineering (WMSCI)
''Agile Micro-Methodology for the Development of Software in Programming Marathons (Hackathons)''
Canto-Sustaita, L. Guillermo; Perez-Gonzalez, Héctor G.; Nuñez-Varela, Alberto S.; Martinez-Perez, Francisco E. (Mexico)

''Application of Regression Analysis Towards Identifying Cyber-Attacks Upon a Smart Grid Augmented Electric Grid''
Hopkins, Stephen; Kalaimannan, Ezhil; John, Caroline (United States)

''Canvas Deceiver - A New Defense Mechanism Against Canvas Fingerprinting''
Obaidat, Muath; Obeidat, Suhaib; Lee, Taeho (United States)

''Classification and Feature Selection of Media Users Using Life Traits''
Oyo, Kuratomo; Yamada, Takako (Japan)

''IoT Solution to Optimize Navigation of Cargo Vessels on Rivers, Harbors, and Waterways''
Lara Gracia, Marco A. (United States)

''Lessons Learned in Adopting Agile Software Development at Enterprise Scale''
Cherinka, R.; Foote, S.; Prezzama, J. (United States)

''Resource and Process Management with a Decision Model Based on Fuzzy Logic''
Fornerón Martínez, Jorge Tomás*; Agostini, Federico**; La Red Martínez, David L.** (*Paraguay, **Argentina)

''Switching of a Perpendicularly Magnetized Free-Layer by Spin-Orbit-Torques with Reduced Currents''
Orio, R.L. de; Makarov, A.; Goes, W.; Ender, J.; Fiorentini, S.; Selberherr, S.; Sverdlov, V. (Austria)

''The Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Identifying Fraud Using Private Transport App''
Pracidelli, Lilian; Lopes, Fábio (Brazil)

''The State of Agile: Changes in the World of Change''
Marlowe, Thomas J.; Kirova, Vassilka; Chang, Garett (United States)

''Unsupervised Concurrent Learning for Large-Scaled Cortex-Like Mapping and 3d Facial Surface Modeling''
Wu, Jiann-Ming; Lin, Yu-Jie (Taiwan)

''Use Risk Evaluation Engine Spanning IAM Lifecycle to Secure API''
Djosic, Nebojsa; Nokovic, Bojan; Sharieh, Salah; Zheng, Bingzhou (Canada)

''Using Incremental Direction Searches to Stay Away From COVID-19''
Hu, Wen-Chen; Kaabouch, Naima (United States)

Control, Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications (WMSCI)
''A Study of Data Collection Method by Using a Wildcard on a Large-Scale Smart Street Lighting System''
Ishibashi, Koichi; Nakai, Fuga; Yokotani, Tetsuya (Japan)

''Decision Models for Selecting Wireless Sensor Networks Technologies: A Survey''
Torres Lozano, Martha Lucia; González, Virgilio (United States)

''Implementation of a Network of Low Power Sensors Using the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard''
Reis, Eliza Aparecida Crisóstomo; Simões, Nayara Pereira; Lopes, Estevan Marcelo; Alberti, Antônio Marcos (Brazil)

''Overview of Energy Storage Technologies for Excess Renewable Energy Production''
Thanapalan, Kary; Constant, Ewen (United Kingdom)

Education and Training Systems and Technologies (EISTA)
''Four Years and 25,000 Students Later: Lessons Learned From a Lab-Intensive, Embedded Microcontrollers MOOC''
Budnik, Mark M. (United States)

''Semi-Automatic Ergonomic Posture Assessment with Deep Convolutional Neural Network''
Kim, Min; Park, Donghyun; Kang, Sungwoo (South Korea)

''Training Teachers of Computer Science for Teaching Algorithmization and Programming''
Czakóová, Krisztina; Stoffová, Veronika (Slovakia)

Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (EISTA)
''A Divergent Approach to Teaching Industrial Automation and Professional Skills for the Engineering Design Process''
Budnik, Mark M. (United States)

''Curricular Aspects for Global Competencies in Engineering Education''
Ilyas, Mohammad (United States)

Educational Research, Theories, Practice and Methodologies (IMSCI/EISTA)
''Authentic Experiences: How Active Learning and User-Generated Content Can Immerse University Students in Real Life Situations''
Ehrlick, Steven; Schwartz, Noah; Slotta, James (Canada)

''Cybersecurity-Related Curriculum for Diverse Postgraduate Cohorts: A Case Study''
Stavrou, Eliana; Polycarpou, Irene (Cyprus)

''Facilitating the Work of the Educator While Escaping the Classical Teaching Routine With the Use of Demonstration Videos for the Teaching of "Water Hardness"''
Thysiadou, Anna (Greece)

''Goal Setting and Executive Function Using Matrix Graphic Organizers''
Hendel, Russell Jay (United States)

''Plagiarism in an Online Learning Environment: Reflections on Best Practice Using the Analytical Lens of Behavioural Science''
Creaner, Gerard; Creaner, Sinead (Ireland)

''Preservation of Mediterranean Intangible Cultural Heritage Through Virtual Gaming and Informatics: The Case of Sardinian Mùrra''
Serra, Luigi (Italy)

''TBL Supported by Moodle: A Questionnaire for Surveying Students' Perceptions''
Consolo, Letteria; Pasquot, Loredana; Alfieri, Sara; Gilli, Laura; Destrebecq, Anne Lucia Leona; Lusignani, Maura (Italy)

''Teachers' Varied and Uneven Experiences with Japanese Lesson (Research) Study in the U.S.''
Moquin, F. Kevin (United States)

''Trends of "Computational Thinking" in Educational Research''
Khan, Salar; Alshikhabobakr, Hanan; Razak, Saquib; Mahmoud, Huda; Hussein, Nehal (Qatar)

e-Health (IMSCI)
''Mobile Digital Learning Solution for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder''
Chuchon, Leonardo; Orellana, Sebastian; Villalta, Rosario (Peru)

''Preventive Depression Diagnosis System for School Students Using Emotion Detection Tools''
Cortez, Diego; Manrique, Miguel; Villalta, Rosario (Peru)

''Roadmap of Technological Solutions for Remote Monitoring in Ambulatory Care''
Carreño, Christian; Landman, Michael; Villalta, Rosario (Peru)

Estudio de Casos: Metodologías y Aplicaciones (CISCI)
''Propuesta Metodológica para el Desarrollo de Videojuegos Educativos: El Caso de Reto U''
Cavazos Salazar, Rosario L.; Suárez Escalona, Rubén (Mexico)

''Uso de Técnicas de Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural en el Análisis del Tratamiento Periodístico''
Ordóñez, Kruzkaya; Andrade, Rolando; Carpio-Jiménez, Lilia (Ecuador)

''Variaciones Metodológicas en el Desarrollo de Soluciones de Inteligencia de Negocios''
Rosales Peña Alfaro, Eric Manuel; Vázquez Torres, Fernando; González Rogel, Emmanuel (Mexico)

Ethics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI)
''A Cybernetic/Systemic Notion of Design Thinking in Business''
Kang, Sukjin; Lee, Seungryul; Lee, Dongmyong (South Korea)

''Legal Accountability Issues Related to the Utilisation of Life-Logs''
Shimpo, Fumio (Japan)

''Second-Order Management – How Second-Order Concepts Contribute to Solutions within Complex Environments''
Belcredi, Philipp; Stingl de Vasconcelos Guedes, Tilia (Austria)

Generación, Comunicación y Gerencia del Conocimiento (CISCI)
''Influencers: la Interacción de los Políticos con sus Públicos en el Entorno Digital''
Yaguache Q., Jenny; Abendaño R., Mónica; Valdiviezo A., Cesibel (Ecuador)

''Modelo de Transferencia Tecnológica: Estudio de Caso en una Asociación de Productores Agrícolas''
Torres, Juliana; Pertuz, Vanessa; Pérez, Adith (Colombia)

''Tendencias en la Publicidad de los Medios de Comunicación Social del Ecuador''
Suing, Abel; Carpio-Jiménez, Lilia; Ordóñez, Kruzkaya (Ecuador)

''Transformada Inversa de Laplace Mediante Teorema de los Residuos''
Negron Calvo, Lisardo; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida (Peru)

Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing (WMSCI)
''An Algorithm to Differentiate Legumes and Wheat Based on Digital Image Processing and Support Vector Machine''
Oshita, Angel; Parra, Ricardo; Vásquez, Edwin; Nuñez, Jossybel; Kemper, Guillermo (Peru)

''Proposal of Detecting Surgical Tools or Glandular Cancers using Deep Learning in Neurosurgery and Gynecology Fields''
Nambu, Yuta; Sato, Ikuma; Fujino, Yuichi; Mariya, Tasuku (Japan)

''Proposal of Traffic-Light Detection Scheme Based on Online Map Images''
Naito, Katsuhiro; Ono, Ryota; Mori, Yuki (Japan)

''Video Summarization Using Deep Action Recognition Features and Robust Principal Component Analysis''
Claborne, Daniel M.; Pazdernik, Karl T.; Rysavy, Steven J.; Henry, Michael J. (United States)

Informática y Cibernética Aplicadas a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería (CISCI)
''Desarrollo de Aplicaciones para Procesamiento de Imagen con el Lenguaje de Programación Processing: Una Estrategia Didáctica''
Ruiz-Méndez, Manuel; Hernández-Ramírez, Mauricio; Leal-Ríos, Fernando; Lucio-Castillo, Mariby (Mexico)

''Efectos de la Cartas de Control Tukey para Distribuciones con Datos Asimétricos: Caso Aplicado a Procesos de Pesaje Multicabezal''
Madrid-Alvarez, Harold Manuel*; García-Díaz, J. Carlos**; Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.* (*Colombia, **Spain)

''Método Analítico de Planificación Operativa Aplicando Servqual para la Reducción de Servicios no Conformes en Empresas de Saneamiento Ambiental''
Vergara-Gonzalez, Diego J.*; Villar-Ventura, Luis D.*; Cano, Mercedes*; Raymundo, Carlos*; Dominguez, Francisco** (*Peru, **Spain)

''Método de Abastecimiento de Repuestos Basado en Pronósticos de Fallas de Equipos Industriales y Revisión Continua de Inventarios para Brindar un Servicio Oportuno de Postventa de una PYME''
Retuerto-Espinoza, Bessi V.*; Ricra-Clemente, Alexander V.*; Leon, Claudia*; Nuñez, Victor*; Raymundo, Carlos*; Dominguez, Francisco** (*Peru, **Spain)

''Modelo de Clasificación de Inventarios bajo un Enfoque de Llamadas-Costos – Un Caso de Estudio en la Industria Carbonera en Colombia''
Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.; Martínez-Sierra, David; Ruiz-Castro, Ronald (Colombia)

''Modelo de Gestión Comercial Basado en la Metodología PHVA para Mejorar la Prospección de Clientes Potenciales en PYMES Proveedoras de Servicios de Mantenimiento al Sector Construcción''
Cancino-Chinchilla, Cesar A.*; Cardenas-de-la-Cruz, Bengy E.*; Perez, Maribel S.*; Raymundo, Carlos*; Dominguez, Francisco** (*Peru, **Spain)

''Modelo Lean Logistics de Planificación de Abastecimiento bajo el Enfoque del ISO 22000 para la Reducción de la Variabilidad Operativa en MYPES del Sector Alimenticio''
Del-Castillo-Monroy, Carla X.*; Caldas-Rivera, Lady N.*; Maradiegue, Fernando*; Raymundo, Carlos*; Dominguez, Francisco** (*Peru, **Spain)

''Optimización Multiobjetivo de la Laminación en Caliente de Aceros Mediante Algoritmos Genéticos y Evolución Diferencial''
Molina Pérez, Daniel; Hernández Carreón, Carlos A.; Mancilla Tolama, Juana E.; Portilla-Flores, Edgar A. (Mexico)

''Sistema Inteligente de Alerta en la Detección de Fuego y Gas para Mejorar la Seguridad en Restaurantes''
Marquina Rojas, Edilberto Luis; Ulloa Rubio, Bertha (Peru)

''Teledetección en la Desglaciación del Nevado del Ampay Relacionado al Cambio Climático entre 1980 – 2015''
Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Aguirre Huillcas, Franklin; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida (Peru)

Information Systems, Information Modeling: Applications in Smart Cities - (0000015) (WMSCI)
Organizers: Renata Baracho and Marcelo Porto (Brazil)
''A Code Checking Platform for Geometric Design of Railway's Superstructure – Methodology and Application in a BIM Environment''
Porto, Marcelo Franco; Ribeiro, Rômulo Luiz Pereira; Franco, José Ricardo Queiroz; Nunes, Nilson Tadeu Ramos; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes (Brazil)

''Building Information Modeling to Support the Management of the Built Environment''
Soares, Bruno Cesarino*; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes*; Porto, Marcelo Franco*; Soergel, Dagobert** (*Brazil, **United States)

''Information Modeling as a Way of Strengthening Cultural Identity: Study of Significance and Representativeness''
Rezende, Michela Perígolo; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes (Brazil)

''Mapping of Information Flows Between Systems to Support Project Management''
Baracho, Rodrigo; Baracho, Renata; Mattos, Max (Brazil)

''Proposal for Sustainable Smart City Indicators''
Teixeira, João Vitor Souza*; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes*; Mullarkey, Matthew T.** (*Brazil, **United States)

''Tourism Profiling: A Semi-automatic Classification Model of Points of Interest''
Magalhães, Amarildo Martins de*; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes*; Mandl, Thomas** (*Brazil, **Germany)

Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (WMSCI)
''Blockchain Technology Applied to Food and Feed Safety Recalls''
Lara Gracia, Marco A. (United States)

''Graph Generator Based on Local Information''
Patiño-Reyes, Fernando; López-Sánchez, Máximo; González-Serna, Juan G.; Magadán-Salazar, Andrea; Castro-Sánchez, Noé A.; Pérez-Ramírez, Miguel (Mexico)

''KIM-RPA: An on Background Knowledge Based Framework for the Agile Implementation of Smart RPA Use-Cases in Business Applications Context''
Angermann, Heiko; Hänisch, Till (Germany)

''Man-Machine Synergy Algorithms for Homeland Protection''
La Manna, Mario (Italy)

''Naming Entities and Elements for the Enterprise''
Simpson, William R.; Foltz, Kevin (United States)

''Project Management Strategy Applied to Software and Virtual Reality Project Development''
França, Mauro Borges; Melazzo, José Júlio Morais; Cardoso, Alexandre; Lamounier, Edgard; Lima, Gerson Flávio Mendes de (Brazil)

''Typical Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges''
Ilyas, Mohammad (United States)

Innovation and Technology Transfer in Emerging Economies - (0000001) (WMSCI)
Organizers: Elina Gaile-Sarkane and Inga Lapina (Latvia)
''Business Process Knowledge Management: Literature Review''
Kokins, Gundars; Straujuma, Anita (Latvia)

''Commercialization Potential for Deep Machine Learning Technology Using Line Scan Camera''
Šatrevičs, Vladimirs; Kuļikovskis, Gundars; Ošs, Oskars (Latvia)

''Creating an Interdisciplinary Program to Foster Innovation – The Case of the Baltic IT Leadership Program''
Rivera, Claudio A.; Bancroft, Justin (Latvia)

''Employability Skills: The Needs of Tourism Industry versus the Performance of Graduates''
Donina, Agita; Lapina, Inga (Latvia)

''From Creative Destruction to Creative Disruption: Lessons for Selected and Strategic Industries''
Segers, Jean-Pierre*; Gaile-Sarkane, Elina** (*Belgium, **Latvia)

''Identification and Creation of Business Opportunities as the Characteristic of the Entrepreneurial Mindset''
Vaivode, Irena; Sceulovs, Deniss (Latvia)

''Models of Conflict Management for Business Process Improvement in Organizations''
Citskovskis, Ugis (Latvia)

''Quality Control Inspection Opportunities Using Deep Machine Learning Technology''
Šatrevičs, Vladimirs; Kuļikovskis, Gundars; Ošs, Oskars (Latvia)

''Systematic Literature Overview: Gaps, Inconsistencies, Contradictions and Future Research Directions Within Customer Experience Management''
Kokins, Gundars; Straujuma, Anita (Latvia)

''Taxonomy of Value Development – How to Classify Values for Application in Business?''
Ence, Enno; Gaile-Sarkane, Elina; Štrausa, Evita (Latvia)

''The Assessment of the Impact of Coaching Interactions on a Company's Performance''
Roša (Rosha), Angelina; Lace, Natalja; Oganisjana, Karine (Latvia)

''Trends in Media Branding: Case of Latvia – The Younger Audience in Focus''
Saulite, Linda; Janusevska, Guna; Andersone, Ieva; Sceulovs, Deniss (Latvia)

''Value Stream Mapping: Effective Process Improvement Tool in the Certification Process''
Kavosa, Maija; Lapina, Inga (Latvia)

Integración de la Investigación, la Educación y la Solución de Problemas (CISCI)
''Análisis Clúster en las Características Biopsicosociales y Económicas de los Sentenciados por Delito de Violación Sexual, Trujillo- Perú''
Yupari Azabache, Irma Luz; Azabache Alvarado, Karla Adriana; Rodríguez Azabache, Julio Antonio; García Díaz, Carmen Cecilia; Zurita Melendrez, Magdiel (Peru)

''El Trabajo de Investigación de Grado para Ingeniería con Niveles Exploratorios y Descriptivos''
More Valencia, Rubén A.; Chunga Zapata, Elmer A.; Madrid Casariego, Jaime L. (Peru)

''Formación Profesional y Competencia Laboral del Ingeniero de Minas de la Universidad Nacional Micaela Bastidas de Apurímac, 2013''
Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida; Aguirre Huillcas, Franklin (Peru)

''Investigación y Consultoría desde un Curso de Pregrado de Ingeniería''
Peláez Valencia, Luis E.*; Cohuo Avila, Miguel A.**; Cuevas Bacaab, Jose A.**; Parra Valencia, Jorge A.*; Vargas Agudelo, Fabio A.*; Toro Lazo, Alonso*; Delgado González, Iván A.*; Arias Vargas, Juan L.*; Trefftz Gómez, Helmuth* (*Colombia, **Mexico)

Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication (WMSCI)
''Automation of Manual Tasks to Reduce Musculoskeletal Problems and Absenteeism in a Cork Company''
Silva, Alfredo; Ramos, Ana Luísa; Brito, Marlene; Ramos, António (Portugal)

''Competences 4.0 – How Technological Progress Influenced the Demand for Competences on the Verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution''
Poszytek, Paweł; Jeżowski, Mateusz (Poland)

''Development of a Flexible Educational Platform Based on a HIL System, Focused on Enriching the Teaching-Learning Process of Modern Control Engineering''
Hamann, Franz; Martinez, Omar; Mesones, Gustavo (Peru)

''Information Security at Schools: A Practical Game-Based Application with Sustained Impact''
Scholl, Margit; Schuktomow, Regina (Germany)

''Scoring Sentiment by Combining Emojis and Slangs in Social Media''
Yu, Songmei (United States)

''Three Perspectives on Catholic Social Teaching and Implications for Technology''
Anderson, Justin; Laracy, Fr. Joseph R.; Marlowe, Thomas (United States)

''Using Chemical Equilibrium Merlot Learning Object to Enhance E-learning in Wastewater Treatment Technology IV Module Offered by the University of South Africa''
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa)

''Using Dilution Learning Object for E-learning in Wastewater Treatment Technology IV Module Taught by the University of South Africa''
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa)

''Virtual Reality (VR) an Effective Communication Tool in Daylighting Simulation in Architecture Education''
Youssef, Omar*; ElZomor, Mohamed*; Hornby, Rachelle LaRae*; Boulgamh, Nour-Lyna** (*United States, **Egypt)

Knowledge and Cognitive Science and Technologies (KCST)
''A Novel Approach to Modeling Career Decision-Making''
Morgan, Jr., Michael J.; Langford, Zachary D.; Osborn, Debra A. (United States)

''Cybernetics Applied to Plato's Theory of Forms: An Experiment''
Bettoni, Marco (Switzerland)

''Quo Vadis Educatio? Emergence of a New Educational Paradigm''
Jakubik, Maria (United States)

Pivoting during a Pandemic: Researching changes to Educational Contexts - (0000009) (EISTA)
Organizers: Bill Muirhead and Lorayne Robertson (Canada)
''Tele-Sim MSK for Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Professionals''
Cancelliere, Carolina; Dubrowski, Adam; Kapralos, Bill; Mior, Silvano; Côté, Pierre; Muirhead, Bill; Dubrowski, Raluca (Canada)

''2020 Pandemic: Resilient Canadian Higher Education Institutions Will Integrate OER''
Craig, Chris D. (Canada)

''A Gendered Analysis of COVID-19 and the Implications for Online Learning''
Hector-Alexander, Allison (Canada)

''Canadian Academic Librarians as Online Teachers''
McTavish, Heather; Robertson, Lorayne (Canada)

''From Concern to Validation: Educational Technology in Western Canadian K-12 During COVID-19''
Holowka, Peter (Canada)

''Global Pandemic Contorts Traditional Classroom Teaching for Private School''
Zigelman, Ilana (United States)

''Manage the Present or Focus on the Future? Leveraging New Technologies in Post-pandemic Education''
Robertson, Lorayne; Muirhead, Bill (Canada)

''Pivots from the Void – How School Leaders Enact the Catholic Competencies They Teach Their Students''
Corrigan, Laurie (Canada)

''Ready Teacher One: A Journey into the Future of Technology and Pedagogy Through Virtual Reality''
Girard, Joannie; Robertson, Lorayne (Canada)

''Strategic Enrolment Management in a Time of Disruption: How the Global Pandemic Will Force a Re-evaluation of Traditional Strategy''
Stokes, Joseph M. (Canada)

Procesamiento de Imágenes, de Señales Acústicas, Visuales y del Lenguaje (CISCI)
''Clave Óptica Privada Mediante un Código QR Cifrado''
Padrón-Godínez, Alejandro; Prieto-Meléndez, Rafael; Treviño-Palacios, Carlos G. (Mexico)

''Modelamiento Computacional del Flujo Sanguíneo en la Aorta usando Imágenes de TAC''
Sugahara, Erika L.; Gonzalez, María A.; Velez, Juan C.; Orozco, Cesar A.; Cadena, Alberto J.; Tello Portillo, Juan P. (Colombia)

''Sistema Predictivo de Colisiones Vehículo-Peatón a partir de Imágenes 2D''
Barrientos, Alfredo; Ramos, Melany Milagros; Laynes, Samuel Isaac (Peru)

''Un Algoritmo de Clasificación de Semillas Forestales Basado en Procesamiento Digital de Imágenes y Redes Neuronales Convolucionales''
Armas, Reiner; Túpac, Miguel; Kemper, Guillermo; Del Carpio, Christian (Peru)

Relations between Society/Organizations and Informatics (SOIC/IMSCI/PISTA)
''A Participatory Web GIS for Stakeholders' Engagement in the Development of the Electricity Grid''
Maran, Stefano; Stella, Giuseppe (Italy)

''An Application for Absentee Voter Verification''
Wyrosdick, Bradley; Laurenceau, Isabel; Gilbert, Juan E. (United States)

''Cognitive Analysis of Security Threats on Social Networking Services''
Fabián, Karol; Mintal, Jozef Michal (Slovakia)

''Importance of Support in the Implementation of Agile Practices in Work Teams''
Orantes-Jiménez, Sandra-Dinora*; Letelier-Torres, Patricio Orlando**; Pérez-Castillo, Yadira Jazmín* (*Mexico, **Spain)

''Possibilities of Application of Multi-Spectral Imaging in Research Works and for Paleographic and Codicological Analysis of Dalmatian Beneventana from the Collection of the Research Library of Dubrovnik Libraries''
Bogdanovic, Jelena; Di Reda, Tina (Croatia)

Sistemas y Tecnologías Educativas y de Entrenamiento (CISCI/SIECI)
''Capacidad Económica Familiar y Rendimiento Académico Universitario en Apurímac, a Veinticinco Años del Fin de la Violencia Social en el Perú''
Alvarez Chavez, Willie; Rojas Enriquez, Hesmeralda; Renteria Ayquipa, Ronald A.; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn N. (Peru)

''Cibernética de la Persona: Sustrato Neuronal para la Educación del Carácter''
Millán, E. M.; Alfaro, I. (Spain)

''El Aprendizaje Invertido como un Método Didáctico para la Enseñanza de las Matemáticas - Caso de Estudio''
Vázquez Torres, Fernando; Rosales Peña Alfaro, Eric; González Rogel, Emmanuel (Mexico)

''Políticas Públicas Educativas en México: Una Revisión Histórica''
Yáñez Soria, Liliana; Chaparro Sánchez, Ricardo (Mexico)

Sistemas/Tecnologías de Información y sus Aplicaciones (CISCI)
''Adopción de un Sistema de Planificación de Recursos Empresariales: Un Caso de Estudio''
Rojas, Hesmeralda; Renteria, Ronald; Saavedra, César A.; Machicao, Javier; Chani, Jesús Manuel; Alvarez, Willie (Peru)

''Análisis Comparativo de Algoritmos de Aprendizaje Automático Supervisado para la Predicción del Rendimiento Académico''
Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Mariño Huayhua, María; Quispe Merma, Rafael Ricardo (Peru)

''Aplicación Móvil para Administrar el Reciclaje de Materiales Reutilizables en una Empresa de Gestión Ambiental''
Barrenechea León, Lucas Renato; Santos Angulo, Jefferson George Slashs; Pacheco Torres, Juan Francisco; Cieza Mostacero, Segundo Edwin (Peru)

''Auditoría SEO de las Páginas Web de las Universidades de Ecuador''
Puertas-Hidalgo, Rosario J.; Carpio-Jiménez, Lilia K. (Ecuador)

''Boas Práticas na Implementação e Configuração de Produtos de Software no Âmbito de Projetos Internacionais''
Duarte, Renato; Silveira, Clara; Reis, Leonilde (Portugal)

''Definición de un Modelo de Preservación Digital Adaptativo Evaluado en Integridad y Gestión de Riesgos de Seguridad''
Molina-Granja, Fernando T.; Narváez-Vilema, Miryan E.; Buñay, Pamela; Reina, Diego; López, Milton P. (Ecuador)

''Desarrollo Sostenible: La Incertidumbre y la Gestión de las Organizaciones Empresariales – Una Visión Dinámica Sistémica''
Contreras Aranda, Santiago E.; Pérez Salvatierra, Alfonso; Ulloa Rubio, Bertha (Peru)

''Modelo Tecnológico para la Implementación de una Estrategia de Transformación Digital en una Empresa Retail''
Andrade Vidarte, Julio E.; Garcés Jares, Melody J.; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo (Peru)

''Modelos de Serviços entre Bancos Tradicionais e Startups Financeiras: A Comparação pela Curva de Lorenz''
Da Silva, Graziella Fernandes; Pinheiro, Marta Macedo Kerr (Brazil)

''Un Estudio Exploratorio sobre Habilidades Directivas Claves en la Transformación Digital de la Industria Española''
Cerdá Suárez, Luis Manuel; Quirós y Alpera, Susana (Spain)

Special Session on Thinking-Doing Integration (IMSCI)
''Design Science: Gamification for Environmental Sustainability''
Matias, Cátia; Fernandes, Jesualdo (Portugal)

''DevSecOps Pipeline for Complex Software-Intensive Systems: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges''
Woody, Carol; Chick, Timothy A.; Reffett, Aaron; Pavetti, Scott; Laughlin, Richard; Frye, Brent; Bandor, Michael (United States)

''Environmental Sustainability: A Study on the Impact of Information Systems on Game-Based Learning and Gamification''
Henriques, Mariana; Fernandes, Jesualdo (Portugal)

''Inferring Dominant Human Activity Locales for an Integrated Commuter-Centric Transportation System: The Importance of Finding the Home and Work Places''
Cheo, Rui Ming (Singapore)

''Learning in the Process of Work - Wish or Reality? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Designing Technology-Based Learning and Assistance Systems to Promote Learning''
Haase, Tina; Termath, Wilhelm; Berndt, Dirk; Dick, Michael (Germany)

''Multiplatform Data Interchange System for Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Philippines''
Khan, Concepcion L.; Mariano, Jeyneth Ann R.; Constantino Jr., Emmanuel B.; Hao, Aldrin Joseph J. (Philippines)

Tecnologías de la Información y Globalización Académica (CISCI)
''Carreras Técnicas y Tecnológicas en la Cuarta Revolución Industrial – Oferta Educativa de Ecuador''
Valarezo, Karina; Paladines, Fanny; Velásquez, Andrea (Ecuador)

''Sistema de Riego en la Producción de Aguacate Mediante el Análisis Marginal en Quitasol-Abancay Zona Andina de Perú''
Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Ibarra Cabrera, Manuel J.; Narvaez Liceras, Alejandro; Bravo Mendoza, Guido; Sotomayor Chahuaylla, José Abdon (Peru)

''Tercera Edad y Nuevas Tecnologías – Caso de Estudio: Loja, Ecuador''
Loaiza, Eduardo V.; Velásquez–Benavides, Andrea V. (Ecuador)

''Tratamiento de la Información Local en Tiempos de Covid-19 y la Percepción de la Audiencia''
Rivera-Rogel, Diana E.; Calva, Ketty D.; León, Tatiana B. (Ecuador)


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