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Special Track on
Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics: RMCI 2020©
in the context of
The 24th Multi-conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2020©
September 13 - 16, 2020  ~  Virtual Conference
*** COVID-19 Update  –  The conference has been moved to an entirely virtual event (September 13-16, 2020). Read more here. ***

  Additional Reviewers

The following list of reviewers is for double-blind reviewing from which reviewers are selected at random for the review of each submission. The reviewers of this list ARE NOT for non-blind reviewing. Authors should not suggest any of the reviewers of this list as colleagues for the non-blind, non-anonymous, review of their articles, unless one of them is a colleague they know and the author contacted the reviewer BEFORE suggesting his/her name, as required for our two-tier reviewing methodology. A brief description of our two-tier reviewing methodology has been posted here.

Abi Haidar, Diala (United Arab Emirates) Telecom Bretagne
Acma, Bulent (Turkey) Anadolu University
Adepelumi, Adekunle (Nigeria) Obafemi Awolowo University
Afzal, Mehreen (Pakistan) National University of Science and Technology
Ahn, Kwang-Il (South Korea) Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Akhter, Fahim (United Arab Emirates) Zayed University
Alexandris, Nikolaos (Greece) University of Piraeus
Ali, Allam (Morocco) University Sidi Mohamed
Allan, Vicki H. (United States) Utah State University
Alves, Albano (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Braganza
Andrade Gonzlez, Edgar A. (Mexico) Metropolitan Autonomous University
Anuar, Nor Badrul (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Arora, Sangeeta (India) Panjab University
Asgary, Ali (Canada) York University
Assmann, Andr (Germany) Geomer GmbH
Aygoren, Hakan (Turkey) Pamukkale University
Backers, Michael (United States) Ordovician Group
Bajrektarevic, Anis (Austria) International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies
Baralt, Jorge (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
Beklaryan, Lieva (Russian Federation) Central Economical and Mathematical Institute
Bell, Greg (United States) KPMG International Cooperative
Bensafi, Abd-el-Hamid (Algeria) Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen
Beschorner, Patrick (Germany) Centre for European Economic Research
Boyle, Neil (United States) InfraGov LLC
Bresci, Elena (Italy) University of Florence
Bruna, Giovanni (French Polynesia) Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety
Buglione, Luigi (Italy) Engineering IT
Burden, Frances (United States) ICF International
Byun, Jin Wook (South Korea) Pyeongtaek University
Caltagirone, Sergio (United States) University of Idaho
Cannataro, Mario (Italy) University of Catanzaro
Cardoso, Moacyr (Brazil) Technological Institute of Aeronautics
Caro, Richard (United States) CMC Associates
Carrasquero, Jos Vicente (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
Cerf, David (United States) NexQL Corporation
Chang, Ya-Fen (Taiwan) National Chung Cheng University
Chen, Jianyong (China) ZTE Corporation
Chen, Yung-Yuan (Taiwan) National Taipei University
Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond (United States) University of Texas at San Antonio
Chou, Hsueh-Cheng (Taiwan) National Taiwan Normal University
Collins, Pamela (United States) Eastern Kentucky University
Covasnianu, Adrian (Romania) Cuza University of Iasi
Cowper, Bruce (Canada) Microsoft Canada
Daniel, Annie (United States) Dillard University
Deepak, Dalai (India) National Institute of Science Education and Research
Desai, Sachi (United States) U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Dhakal, Dharmendra (United States) Tennessee State University
Dhall, Sudarshan (United States) University of Oklahoma
Dias, Joo Miguel (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Dung, Truong My (Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh University of Science
Dvorak, Zdenek (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Dzemydiene, Dale (Lithuania) Mykolas Romeris University
El-Khoury, Ramy (Lebanon) Rafik El-Khoury
Farooq, Omar (India) Aligarh Muslim University
Ferraggine, Viviana Elizabeth (Argentina) National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province
Formosa, Saviour (Malta) University of Malta
Fortes, Romeo (Philippines) University of the Philippines
Francis, Mathew (United States) URS Corporation
Fredj, Jawadi (France) University of Evry
Fu, Xue (China) Shanghai Normal University
Fulton, Lawrence (United States) Baylor University
Gaikwad, Bharatratna (India) Vivekanand College of Science
Gatfaoui, Hayette (France) IESEG School of Management
Geisler, Jrgen (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies, and Image Processing
Georgiou, Demetrius (Greece) Democritus University of Thrace
Georgiou, Evangelos (Greece) Athens University Medical School
Golubev, Vladimir (Ukraine) Computer Crime Research Center
Gonzlez-Herrera, Roger (Mexico) Autonomous University of Yucatan
Guel, Michele (United States) Cisco Sysetms, Inc
Gunaratna, Rohan (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Halley, Marc (United States) Mitre Coporation
Havel, Karel (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Hawke, Gary (New Zealand) Victoria University of Wellington
Heydari, M. Hossain (United States) James Madison University
Hjorth, Peder (Sweden) Lund University
Hoi, Wai Khin (Taiwan) PricewaterhouseCoopers
Homayoun, Behrouz (Canada) University of Calgary
Hsu, Pai-Hui (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Huang, Chih (Taiwan) Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Jelencic, Lidija (Croatia) Narodne Novine
Jiries, Anwar (Jordan) Mutah University
Kabassi, Katerina (Greece) University of Piraeus
Kahil, Magd Elias (Egypt) Modern Sciences and Arts University
Kapurubandara, Mahesha (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Karlsson, Johan M. (Sweden) Lund University
Katz, Oded (Israel) Geological Survey of Israel
Kebair, Fahem (France) University of Le Havre
Keck, Marjorie (United States) Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Kemal, M. Ali (Pakistan) Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
Kess, Pekka (Finland) University of Oulu
Kim, Arkadii (Russian Federation) Ural State University
Kim, Jin (South Korea) Jeonju University
Konar, Debajyoti (India) West Bengal University of Technology
Kumar, Ashok (India) Panjab University
Kwon, Ki Duk (South Korea) University Hallym
La Chance, Pierre-Andre (United States) Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research
Laksmivarahan, S. (United States) University of Oklahoma
Larsson, Jan Eric (Sweden) GoalArt
Larsson, Tomas (Sweden) Jeppesen
Laviv, Omer (Israel) Athena Security Implementations
Lee, Jason (United States) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Leitao, Miguel (Portugal) Porto Superior Institute of Engineering
Leopoldi, Rick (United States) RL Information Consulting
Liao, Ching-Jung (Taiwan) Chung Yuan Christian University
Lincke, Susan (United States) University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Los, Wouter (Netherlands) University of Amsterdam
Lu, Tzu-Chuen (Taiwan) Chaoyang University of Technology
Luo, Jia-Ning (Taiwan) Ming Chuan University
Majkut, Leszek (Poland) University of Science and Technology
Mkinen, Olli (Finland) Turku University of Applied Sciences
Makri, Rodoula (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Makume, Thakane (Lesotho) Lesotho Electricity Company
Manana, Micheal (Bhutan) Alliance for Youth for Habitat
Manes, Gavin (United States) Avansic e-Discovery and Digital Forensics
Manful, Desmond (Germany) Numerical Modeling and Policy Interface Network
Mango, Donald (United States) G. E. Insurance Solutions
Manzoni, Giorgio (Italy) University of Trieste
Matteucci, Ilaria (Italy) Institute of Informatics and Telematics
McIlvried, Howard G. (United States) National Energy Technology Laboratory
Medeiros, Joao Paulo S. (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Monken Fernandes, Horst (Brazil) International Atomic Energy Agency Laboratories
Motta Pires, Paulo S. (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Mukkamala, Ravi (United States) Old Dominion University
Muthukkumarasamy, Vallipuram (Australia) Griffith University
Neto, Augusto (Brazil) Federal University of Gois
Nezzal, Ghania (Algeria) Ecole Nationale Polytechnique
Objelean, Nicolae (Moldova, Republic of) State University of Moldova
Oravec, Milos (Slovakia) Slovak University of Technology
Ostergaard, Soren Duus (Denmark) IBM Europe
O'Toole, Rachel (Ireland) Ericsson
Palza Vargas, Edgardo (Canada) School of High Technology
Pellegrino, Roberta (Italy) Polytechnic University of Bari
Perconti, Pietro (Italy) University of Messina
Prasad, Venkatesha (Netherlands) Delft University of Technology
Prasad, Venkatesha (Netherlands) Delft University of Technology
Prospero Sanchez, Pedro Luis (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Pugh, Eric (United States) OpenSource Connections
Qi, Xiaojun (United States) Utah State University
Rai, Ranjit (India) Indian Maritime Foundation
Rajendran, V. (India) K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology
Raman, N. (India) M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Richard, Gilles (France) Institute for Research in Computer Science of Toulouse
Rocha, Joo (Portugal) University of Porto
Rotondi, Domenico (Italy) TXT e-solutions
Sai, Joseph (United States) Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Salasini, Raphael (Zambia) University of Zambia
Santos, Jos (Ecuador) Litoral Polytechnic Higher School
Sarcia, Salvatore Alessandro (Italy) University of Rome
Saritas, Hakan (Turkey) Pamukkale University
Schneiderbauer, Stefan (Italy) Institute for Applied Remote Sensing
Segev, Aviv (South Korea) National Chengchi University
Seinturier, Julien (France) University of the Mediterranean Aix-Marseille II
Shakya, Subarna (Nepal) Tribhuvan University
Shao, Feng (United States) Yahoo! Inc
Sheu, Ruey-Kai (Taiwan) TungHai University
Sikich, Geary (United States) Logical Management Systems, Corp.
Simon, Francois (France) Telecom SudParis
Simonyan, Anahit (Armenia) National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
Sirkemaa, Seppo (Finland) University of Turku
Sithole, Morgan Frank (South Africa) Electricity Supply Commission
Spalek, Juraj (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Stachowicz, Marian (United States) University of Minnesota
Stormont, Daniel P. (United States) Utah State University
Su, Wen-Ray (Taiwan) National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Sun, Zhaohao (Australia) University of Ballarat
Svecko, Rajko (Slovenia) University of Maribor
Tamura, Hiroyuki (Japan) Kansai University
Thomas, Jakita (United States) IBM Research
Thurasamy, Ramayah (Malaysia) University Sains Malaysia
Troquet, Michel (France) Blaise Pascal University
Tsai, Dwen-Ren (Taiwan) Chinese Culture University
Tumeo, Mark (United States) Cleveland State University
Tzouramanis, Theodoros (Greece) University of the Aegean
Ulhaq, Irfan (United States) University of Wisconsin Platteville
Van Dijk, Meine Pieter (Netherlands) Institute for Water Education
Verma, Pramode (United States) University of Oklahoma
Vincalek, Vaclav (Canada) Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd.
Waitayacheewa, Jamrak (Thailand) National Statistical Office
Wang, Ling (United States) University of Oklahoma
Weinfeld, Morton (Canada) McGill University
Wortley, David (United Kingdom) Gamification and Enabling Technologies Strategic Solutions
Wu, Feibo (China) Zhejiang University
Wu, Shang-Yu (Taiwan) National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Wu, Ye (United States) Stevens Institute of Technology
Yang, Wu-Chuan (Taiwan) I-Shou University
Yannacopoulos, Athanasios (Greece) Athens University of Economics and Business
Yoo, Yoon-Sik (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Yuan, Liu (China) Zhejiang University
Zanotti, Giovanna (Italy) Bocconi University
Zarat, Pascale (France) Institute for Research in Computer Science of Toulouse
Zhang, Jianhong (China) North China University of Technology

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