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Special Track on
Bio- and Medical Informatics and Cybernetics: BMIC 2020©
in the context of
The 24rd Multi-conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2020©
September 13 - 16, 2020  ~  Virtual Conference
*** COVID-19 Update  –  The conference has been moved to an entirely virtual event (September 13-16, 2020). Read more here. ***

  Additional Reviewers

The following list of reviewers is for double-blind reviewing from which reviewers are selected at random for the review of each submission. The reviewers of this list ARE NOT for non-blind reviewing. Authors should not suggest any of the reviewers of this list as colleagues for the non-blind, non-anonymous, review of their articles, unless one of them is a colleague they know and the author contacted the reviewer BEFORE suggesting his/her name, as required for our two-tier reviewing methodology. A brief description of our two-tier reviewing methodology has been posted here.

Abboud, Shimon (Israel) Tel Aviv University
Abdel-Ghany, Salah (United States) Colorado State University
Achard, Pablo (United States) Brandeis University
Ackovska, Nevena (Macedonia) Sts. Cyril and Methodius University
Acuña, Carlos (Spain) University of Santiago de Compostela
Adnan, Rohana (Malaysia) University Sains Malaysia
Aerts, Jean-Marie (Belgium) Katholieke University Leuven
Agbas, Abdulbaki (United States) University of Kansas
Aggi, Adriana (Italy) University of Milan
Agostinho, Rosa (Portugal) Technical University of Lisbon
Ågren, Magnus (Denmark) Bispebjerg Hospital
Ahmed, Ambreen (Pakistan) University of the Punjab
Ahmed, Naseem (India) Indian Institute of Technology
Ahn, Sangtae (United States) University of Southern California
Ajit Kumar, Gopee (Mauritius) University of Technology, Mauritius
Alacam, Burak (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Alacaráz Martínez, Raúl (Spain) University of Castilla-La Mancha
Al-Ani, Tarik (France) University of Versailles in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Alavijeh, Mohammad S. (United Kingdom) Pharmidex Ltd
Alberi, Lavinia (United States) Johns Hopkins University
Albuquerque, Magaly (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Al-Daihani, Badr (United Kingdom) Cardiff University
Alemzadeh, Kazem (United Kingdom) University of Bristol
Alexander, John (United States) University of Chicago
Al-Fahoum, Amjed (Jordan) Yarmouk University
Alia-Klein, Nelly (United States) Brookhaven National Laboratory
Alirezaie, Javad (Canada) Ryerson University
Alleva, Enrico (Italy) National Institute of Health
Alomari, Raja (United States) University at Buffalo
Al-Shahib, Ali (United Kingdom) The Health Protection Agency
Álvarez, Daniel (Spain) University of Valladolid
Amorim, Mardson (Brazil) Federal University of Ceará
Amoud, Hassan (France) University of Technology of Troyes
Amundsen, Keenan (United States) United States Department of Agriculture
Anand, Ashish (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Anand, Santosh (Italy) Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine
Andreev, Rumen (Bulgaria) Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Andresen, Daniel (United States) Kansas State University
Angius, Andrea (Italy) National Research Council
Antoniou, George (United States) Montclair State University
Arana-Chavez, Victor (Brazil) University of São Paulo
Aranda Abreu, Gonzalo (Mexico) University of Veracruz
Arculeo, Marco (Italy) University of Palermo
Arias, Hugo (United States) Midwestern University
Ariga, Hiroyoshi (Japan) Hokkaido University
Arjmandi, Bahram (United States) Florida State Univeristy
Armada-da-Silva, Paulo (Portugal) Technical University of Lisbon
Arslan, Abdullah N. (United States) University of Vermont
Aruga, Masahiro (Japan) Tokai University
Ashrafi, Hamid (United States) University of California, Davis
Ashtiyani, Meghdad (Iran) Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Aslan, Melih (United States) University of Louisville
Assambo, Cedric (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Assous, Said (United Kingdom) British Geological Society
Astakhov, Vadim (United States) University of California at San Diego
Aubert, Andre (Belgium) University Hospital Gasthuisberg
Baartscheer, Antonius (Netherlands) University of Amsterdam
Baba, Hideo (Japan) Kumamoto University
Bakay, Roy (United States) Rush University
Balas, Valentina (Romania) University of Arad
Baldazzi, Giuseppe (Italy) University of Bologna
Ban, Tao (Japan) National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Banan Sadeghian, Ramin (United States) University of California, Davis
Bansal, Mukesh (United States) Columbia University
Bao, Ande (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Barajas-Martínez, Héctor (United States) Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
Baranauskas, Gytis (Italy) Italian Institute of Technology
Baranova, Ancha (United States) George Mason University
Barela, Jose (Brazil) Cruzeiro do Sul University
Bari, Ferenc (Hungary) University of Szeged
Baritz, Mihaela (Romania) University Transilvania of Brasov
Barnes, Claire (United States) Emory University
Barseghyan, Karine (United States) University of Southern California
Bartlett, Donald (United States) Dartmouth Medical School
Bartusek, Karel (Czech Republic) Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Basarab, Adrian (France) University of Lyon
Batista, Aaron (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Batos, Vedran (Croatia) University of Dubrovnik
Battaloglu, Esra (Turkey) Bogazici University
Bâty, Xavier (France) QualiFormeD
Baumbach, Lisa (United States) University of Miami
Baumbusch, Lars O. (Norway) Rikshospitalet University Hospital
Bebu, Ionut (United States) Georgetown University
Bechar, Avital (Israel) Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Becker, Bryan (United States) University of Wisconsin
Bedja, Djahida (United States) Johns Hopkins University
Bedregal, Paula (Chile) Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Beeson, Larry (United States) Loma Linda University
Belkhiri, Abbes (United States) Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Beltrame, Marco (Italy) Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti di Trieste
Ben-Hamadou, Radhouan (Portugal) University of Algarve
Benis, Arriel (Israel) Clalit Research Institute
Benvenuti, Lucia (Italy) Livorno City Hospital
Bergès, Hélène (France) French National Institute for Agricultural Research
Bergethon, Peter (United States) Boston University
Bergmeier, Erwin (Germany) University of Göttingen
Bernard, Levrat (France) University of Angers
Bernasconi, Michele (Switzerland) University Children's Hospital Zurich
Bertrand, Frédéric (France) University of Strasbourg
Bett, Glenna (United States) University at Buffalo
Bhattacharya, Indrajit (India) International Institute of Health Management Research
Bi, Chengpeng (United States) Children's Mercy Hospitals
Bianchi, Anna Mª (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan
Biermann, Christina (Germany) Siemens Healthcare
Bilotta, Eleonora (Italy) University of Calabria
Biondi, Bernadette (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Biondi, Claudia (Argentina) National University of Rosario
Björklund, Olga (Sweden) Karolinska Institute
Blanchfield, Peter (United Kingdom) University of Nottingham
Blesa, Maria J. (Spain) Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Bocu, Razvan (Ireland) University College Cork
Boellaard, Ronald (Netherlands) VU University Medical Center
Boger, Heather (United States) Medical University of South Carolina
Bogonez Franco, Paco (Spain) Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Bolívar Toledo, Olga (Spain) University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria
Bolton, James J (United States) Cornell University
Bonizzi, Pietro (France) University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Boonjing, Veera (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Borowitz, Joseph (United States) Purdue University
Borromeo, Susana (Spain) Rey Juan Carlos University
Boston, Robert (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Bottio, Tomaso (Italy) University of Padua
Bourbeillon, Julie (France) Agrocampus Ouest
Bowater, Richard (United Kingdom) University of East Anglia
Bozinovski, Stevo (Macedonia) South Carolina State University
Bozkurt, Atilla (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Bradberry, Trent (United States) University of Maryland
Brambilla, Paolo (Italy) University of Udine
Brandl, Martin (Austria) Danube University Krems
Bratsas, Charalampos (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Braun, Hans (Germany) University of Marburg
Breen, Paul (Ireland) National University of Ireland Galway
Breniuc, Liviu (Romania) Technical University of Iasi
Brennan, Edwina (Ireland) Institute of Technology Carlow
Bridges, Glenys (United Kingdom) Dental Resource Company
Brieva, Jorge (Mexico) Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Bromberg, Yana (United States) Columbia University
Brunner, Gerd (United States) University of Houston
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) Academy of Sciences and the Czech Republic
Bucinell, Ronald (United States) Union College
Bueno, Gloria (Spain) University of Castilla La Mancha
Bundschuh, Ralph A. (Germany) Technical University of Munich
Burk, Josh (United States) College of William & Mary
Burman, Douglas (United States) NorthShore University HealthSystem
Buscaroli, Andrea (Italy) University of Bologna
Cachope, Roger (United States) Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Caiani, Enrico (Italy) Polytechnic of Milan
Caldwell, Bryan (United States) SUNY Upstate Medical University
Canbolat, Huseyin (Turkey) Mersin University
Cancedda, Laura (Italy) Italian Institute of Technology
Cannas da Silva, Joao (Portugal) Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies
Canto-Pereira, Luiz (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Cao, Yuzhen (China) Tianjin University
Capani, Francisco (Argentina) University of Buenos Aires
Capriles Goliatt, Priscila (Brazil) National Laboratory for Scientific Computing
Caprio, John (United States) Louisiana State University
Caraher, Emma (Ireland) Institute of Technology Tallaght
Caramihai, Mihai (Romania) Politehnica University of Bucharest
Carney, Jan (United States) University of Vermont
Carr, Jennifer (United States) Harvard University
Carrillo, Porfirio (Mexico) University Veracruzana
Casale, Manuele (Italy) University Campus Bio-Medico
Castellano, Patricia (Argentina) Center of Reference of Lactobacilos
Castellanos Garzón, José Antonio (Spain) University of Salamanca
Castelló, María (Uruguay) Clemente Estable Institute for Biological Research
Castillo, Pedro (Spain) University of Granada
Catchpoole, Dan (Australia) The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Cechinel, Cristian (Brazil) Federal University of Santa Catarina
Celenk, Mehmet (United States) Ohio University
Cepeda, Ivan (Canada) University of British Columbia
Cerqueira, Eduardo (Portugal) University of Coimbra
Chaban, Victor (United States) University of California Los Angeles
Chahine, Mohamed (Canada) Laval University
Chang, Emmanuel (United States) City University of New York
Chang, Emmanuel (United States) The Rockefeller University
Chang, Hao-Teng (Taiwan) China Medical University
Chang, Zhu (United States) Abbott Laboratories
Chang Chien, Jia-Ren (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
Che, Dongsheng (United States) East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Cheema, Amrita (United States) Georgetown University
Chellappan, Kalaivani (Malaysia) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
Chelliah, Vijayalakshmi (United Kingdom) European Bioinformatics Institute
Chen, Chau-Kuang (United States) Meharry Medical College
Chen, Chih-Cheng (Taiwan) Institute of Molecular Biology
Chen, Jin-Chung (Taiwan) Chang-Gung University
Chen, Ming (China) Zhejiang University
Chen, Ruei-Ming (Taiwan) Taipei Medical University
Chen, Shangbin (China) Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Chen, Shih-Hsin (Taiwan) Nanhua University
Chen, Wei (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Chen, Xuewen (United States) Michigan State University
Cheng, Heng-Wei (United States) Purdue University
Cheng, Kuo-Sheng (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Cheng, Qiong (China) Georgia State University
Chiari, Lorenzo (Italy) University of Bologna
Chiarugi, Davide (Italy) University of Pisa
Chien, Jen-Chien (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Chiu, Hung-Wen (Taiwan) Taipei Medical University
Chiu, Kuo Ping (Taiwan) Academia Sinica
Chowdhury, Golam (United States) Yale University
Chu, Selina (United States) University of Southern California
Chuang, Chen-Chia (Taiwan) National Ilan University
Chuang, Han-Yu (United States) University California of San Diego
Chuang, Huai-Hu (United States) Cornell University
Chung, Joo-Ho (South Korea) Kyung Hee University
Chung, Seokkyung (United States) University of Southern California
Chung, Wen-Yaw (Taiwan) Chung Yuan Christian University
Chunjing, Tao (China) National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids
Ciavarella, Massimo (Italy) University of Rome I
Claus, Piet (Belgium) Catholic University Leuven
Claycamp, Gregg (United States) U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Cocozza, Sergio (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Colazza, Stefano (Italy) University of Palermo
Comoletti, Davide (United States) University of California, San Diego
Conran, John (Australia) University of Adelaide
Conversi, David (Italy) University of Rome
Cook, Leah (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Coop, Allan (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Copeland, Robet (United States) Howard University
Coppede, Fabio (Italy) University of Pisa
Coppini, Giuseppe (Italy) Italian Council of Researches
Cornelis, Hugo (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Cortese, Giuliana (Italy) University of Padova
Costa, Cicero F. (Brazil) Federal University of Amazonas
Costa, Marly G. (Brazil) Federal University of Amazonas
Cotoros, Diana (Romania) Transilvania University of Brasov
Couperthwaite, Andrew (Canada) University of Saskatchewan
Courage, James (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Crangle, Colleen (United States) Converspeech LLC
Crawford, Sarah (United States) Southern Connecticut State University
Cristea, Luciana (Romania) Transilvania University of Brasov
Cui, Yijun (United States) University of California, Los Angeles
Cui, Zhihua (China) Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Cullum, John (Germany) University of Kaiserslautern
Cunningham, Julie (United States) Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Curran, Kathleen (Ireland) University College Dublin
Curtis, Nicholas (United States) University of South Florida
Cutsuridis, Vassilis (United Kingdom) University of Stirling
Da Silva, João (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Daadi, Marcel (United States) Stanford University
Dada, Rima (India) Laboratory for Molecular Reproduction and Genetics
Daftarian, Pirouz (United States) University of Miami
Dai, Yifei (United States) University of Notre Dame
Dalby, Andrew (United Kingdom) University of Oxford
Danielsen, Nils (Sweden) Lund University
Darbin, Olivier (United States) Emory University
Das, Sandhitsu (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Dasari, Sameera (United States) Michigan State University
Davalos, Deana (United States) Colorado State University
Dave, Kunjan (United States) University of Miami
David, Helene N. (France) Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen
De Castro, Osberth (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
De Herdt, Veerle (Belgium) Ghent University
De la Roca-Chiapas, Jose (Mexico) University of Guanajauto
De la Rubia, Teresa (Spain) University of Granada
De Mauro, Alessandro (Germany) University of Karlsruhe
De Ridder, Mark (Belgium) University Hospital Brussels
Deasy, Bridget M. (United States) University of Pittsburgh
DeCook, Rhonda (United States) University of Iowa
DeCoster, Mark (United States) Louisiana Tech University
Del Campo, Marta (United States) Cornell University
Delalle, Ivana (United States) Boston University
Delso, Gaspar (Germany) Technical University of Munich
Denise, Pierre (France) University of Caen
Deusdado, Sergio (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Braganca
Diab, Mohamad (Lebanon) Hariri Canadian University
Dias, Disney (Brazil) Federal University of Lavras
Diaz, Mary (United Kingdom) University of Edinburgh
Díaz, Norberto (Spain) Pablo Olavide University
Ding, Huafeng (United States) University of Illinois
Ding, Jun (United States) Northwestern University
Ding, Siyi (United States) Vanderbilt University
Divina, Federico (Spain) Pablo de Olavide University
Do, Huy (United States) Stanford University
Doan, Jon (Canada) University of Lethbridge
Dobryakova, Ekaterina (United States) Rutgers University
Domínguez, Enrique (Spain) University of Malaga
Dorval, Alan (United States) Duke University
Dosen, Strahinja (Denmark) Aalborg University
Dovat, Ludovic (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Driss, Boutat (France) National School of Engineers of Bourges
Duan, Huilong (China) College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science
Duan, Huilong (China) Zhejiang University
Dutilh, Bas E. (Netherlands) Radboud University Nijmegen
Dutta, Arjun (United States) Touro College of Pharmacy
Dvornik, Josko (Croatia) University of Split
Dwivedi, Durgesh (United States) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA
Eaton-Maxwell, Angie (United States) Texas Southern University
Ebina, Teppei (Japan) Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Ecker, Klaus (United States) Ohio University
Edwards, Jean (United States) Akerman Senterfitt LLP
Eguchi, Shinto (Japan) Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Ekhaise, Frederick Osaro (Nigeria) University of Benin
Eladdadi, Amina (United States) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
El-Fiki, Mohamed (Egypt) University of Alexandria
Ellmore, Timothy (United States) The University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Elroby, Shaaban (Egypt) University of Beni-Suef
El-Zaart, Ali (Lebanon) Beirut Arab University
Engel, Sophia (United States) University of New Mexico
Engelmann, Jacob (Germany) University of Bonn
Enriz, Ricardo Daniel (Argentina) National University of San Luis
Eriksen, Jason (United States) University of Houston
Escamilla Silva, Eleazar M. (Mexico) Technological Institute of Celaya
Estabridis, Katia (United States) U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command
Etz, Christian D. (United States) Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Fabri, Mara (Italy) Polytechnic University of Marche
Faghihi, Mohammad Ali (United States) Scripps Research Institute
Faita, Francesco (Italy) Institute of Clinical Physiology -C.N.R.
Fajardo, Waldo (Spain) University of Granada
Fallavollita, Pascal (Germany) TU Munchen
Fan, Ming Jen (Taiwan) Asia University
Fang, Qinghua (United States) Cornell University
Fant, William (United States) University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy
Fatemizadeh, Emad (Iran) Sharif University of Technology
Fei, Jin (United States) Halliburton Inc
Felleman, Daniel (United States) University of Texas Medical School–Houston
Feng, Pingfu (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Ferreira, Frederico (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Ferrigno, Rosaria (France) University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Ficarra, Elisa (Italy) Politechnic of Torino
Finetti, Noemi (Italy) University of L'Aquila
Finke, Markus (Germany) University of Lübeck
Fisher, Paul (United Kingdom) University of Manchester
Flores, Vladimir (Argentina) Favaloro University
Foda, Salah (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Forloni, Gianluigi (Italy) Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
Foschini, Mª Pia (Italy) University of Bologna
Foster, Christopher (United Kingdom) University of Liverpool
Fotiadis, Dimitrios (Greece) University of Ioannina
Fox, Richard (United States) Northern Kentucky University
Frade, Marco (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Fraifeld, Vadim (Israel) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Freeman, Robert (United States) Texas A&M Health Science Center
Frenz, Christopher (United States) New York City College of Technology
Froes, Maira (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Fronza, Carlos F. (Brazil) Federal University of Sao Paulo
Fu, Qiang (United States) Missouri University of Science and Technology
Fu, Sidney (United States) George Washington University
Fu, Yingli (United States) Johns Hopkins University
Fujie, Hiromichi (Japan) Tokyo Metropolitan University
Fukuyama, Hidenao (Japan) Kyoto University Hospital
Furukawa, Hiromitsu (Japan) National Instistute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Furutani, Eiko (Japan) Kyoto University
Gallick, Gary (United States) MD Anderson Cancer Center
Gao, Lu (United States) Iowa State University
García Molina, Gary (Netherlands) Philips Research Lab.
García-Gómez, Juan M. (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
García-Pedrajas, Nicolás (Spain) Unviersity of Cordoba
Garzillo, Anna Mª (Italy) University of Tuscia
Gaspar, Pablo (Chile) University of Chile
Gastelum Strozzi, Alfonso (New Zealand) University of Auckland
Ge, Shuzhi Sam (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Gelas, Arnaud (United States) Harvard University
Geneser, Sarah (United States) University of Utah
Geng, Huimin (United States) University of Nebraska Medical Center
Gennarino, Vincenzo A. (Italy) Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine
Gentili, Claudio (Italy) University of Pisa
Gerald, Tonya (United States) North Carolina Central University
Gerber, Doron (Israel) Bar Ilan University
Gesase, Ainory (Tanzania) Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences
Gheorghiu, Eugen (Romania) International Centre of Biodynamics
Gholamrezanezhad, Ali (Iran) Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Giacomini, Mauro (Italy) University of Genova
Gibaja, Eva (Spain) University of Cordoba
Gill, Daniel (Israel) Hebrew University
Gini, Giuseppina (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan
Giorgetti, Alejandro (Italy) University of Verona
Giovannoni, Roberto (Italy) University of Milano-Bicocca
Giretzlehner, Michael (Austria) Johannes Kepler University Linz
Girousi, Stella (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Gitomer, Berenice (United States) University of Colorado Denver
Giuliani, Alessandro (Italy) National Institute of Health
Givrad, Tina (United States) University of Southern California
Glaser, Shannon (United States) Texas A&M Health Science Center
Glavinovic, Mladen (Canada) McGill University
Gligorijevic, Bojana (United States) Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Yeshiva University
Glover, Benedict (Canada) University Health Network
Gobinet, Cyril (France) University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Goble, Daniel (Belgium) Katholieke University of Leuven
Goffard, Nicolas (French Polynesia) Institute Louis Malarde
Goffeau, Andre (Belgium) Catholic University of Louvain
Goffer, Amit (Israel) Argo Medical Technologies, Ltd.
Goktas, Selda (United States) University of Oklahoma
Goldina, Anya (United States) Florida International University
Gomes, Aldrin (United States) University of California Davis
Gómez, Carlos (Spain) University of Valladolid
Gómez-Rodríguez, Francsico (Spain) University of Seville
Gómez-Rodríguez, Marisol (Spain) Public University of Navarra
Gomis, Pedro (Spain) Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Gondi, Christopher (United States) University of Illinois
Goñi, Joaquín (Spain) University of Navarra
González, César (Mexico) University Army and Air Force
González Hernández, Juan Carlos (Mexico) Morelia Institute of Technology
González Soriano, Juncal (Spain) University Complutense
Goodyear, Bradley (Canada) University of Calgary
Gosukonda, Ramana (United States) Fort Valley State University
Gotoh, Noriko (Japan) University of Tokyo
Gouveia, Sónia (Portugal) University of Porto
Graham, James (United Kingdom) The University of Manchester
Graham, Lyle (France) Paris Descartes University
Grandi, Eleonora (United States) University of California Davis
Grasso, Giovanni (Italy) University of Palermo
Gray, Steven (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Greenlee, Heather (United States) Iowa State University
Grichtchenko, Irina (United States) University of Colorado Denver
Grimpe, Barbara (United States) University of Miami
Grönroos, Tove (Finland) University of Turku
Grzesiak-Kopec, Katarzyna (Poland) Jagiellonian University
Gu, Fei (China) Zhejiang University
Guan, Cuntai (Singapore) Institute for Infocomm Research
Guan, Qiu (China) Zhejiang University of Technology
Gudavalli, Madhavi (India) Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada
Guedj, Mickael (France) University of Evry
Guerrero, Juan (Spain) University of Seville
Guha, Sujata (United States) Tennessee State University
Guillén, Alberto (Spain) University of Jaen
Guiraud, David (France) Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics
Guo, Guozheng (China) Fourth Military Medical University
Guo, Kexiao (United States) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Guo, Lei (China) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Guo, Peng (United States) Emory University
Gupta, Goutam (United States) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gupta, S. L. (India) Birla Institute of Technology
Guthrie, Barton (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Guzzi, Pietro Hiram (Italy) Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro
Haage, Patrick (Germany) University of Witten/Herdecke
Hagihira, Satoshi (Japan) Osaka University
Haider, Waseem (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Halonen, Joshua (United States) University of South Florida
Hamam, Yskandar (South Africa) Tshwane University of Technology
Han, Aili (China) Shandong University at Weihai
Han, Lianyi (United States) National Center for Biotechnology Information
Han, Tao (United States) National Center for Toxicological Research
Han, Xiaodong (China) Fudan University
Hann, Christopher (New Zealand) University of Canterbury
Haque, Niloufar (United States) City University of New York
Harari, Oscar (Spain) University of Granada
Harrison, Michael (New Zealand) University of Auckland
Hashimoto, Shigehiro (Japan) Kogakuin University
Hawrylycz, Michael (United States) Allen Institute for Brain Science
He, Jieyue (United States) Gerorgia state University
He, Renjie (United States) University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Hegardt, Fausto (Spain) University of Barcelona
Henriques, Jorge (Portugal) Universty of Coimbra
Henschel, Robert (United States) Indiana University
Herah, Suvineetha (United States) Richard Stockton State College of New Jersey
Herbert, Katherine (United States) Montclair State University
Herman, Pawel (Sweden) University of Ulster
Hernández Pavón, Julio C. (Mexico) University of Guanajuato
Hernández-Falcón, Jesús (Mexico) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Hernansanz, Albert (Spain) Technical University of Catalonia
Herrera-Marschitz, Mario (Chile) University of Chile
Hicks, William (United States) Indiana University
Hielscher, Thomas (Germany) German Cancer Research Center
Hildebrand, Lars (Germany) Technical University of Dortmund
Hiruntrakul, Ashira (Thailand) Khon Kaen University
Ho, Lap (United States) Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Ho, Ying-Jyu (Taiwan) Chun Shang Medical University
Hoang, Tuan-Hao (Australia) Australian Defence Force Academy
Hommersom, Arjen (Netherlands) Radboud University Nijmegen
Hong, Yi-Ren (Taiwan) Kaohsiung Medical University
Horvath, David (United States) United States Department of Agriculture
Hou, Chun-Ju (Taiwan) Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Hou, Kun Mean (France) University of Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand
Hsieh, Shu Ju (Taiwan) National HsinChu Commercial
Hsu, Chun-Fei (Taiwan) Chung Hua University
Hsu, Fang Rong (Taiwan) Feng Chia University
Hu, Jing (United States) Franklin & Marshall College
Hu, Qingmao (China) Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology
Hu, Sijung (United Kingdom) Loughborough University
Huang, Chuen-Der (Taiwan) Hsiuping Institute of Technology
Huang, Feng (United States) Philips HealthCare
Huang, Hanming (China) Guang Xi Normal University
Huang, Huang-Nan (Taiwan) Tunghai University
Huang, Liang-Tsung (Taiwan) Mingdao University
Huang, Yuanpeng (United States) Rutgers University
Hussong, Rene (Germany) Center for Bioinformatics
Hutt, Axel (France) Lorraine Laboratory of IT Research and its Applications
Hynds, Dianna (United States) Texas Woman's University
Iamratanakul, Supachart (Thailand) Portland State University
Ibrahim, Fatimah (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Ikeda, Yukihiro (Japan) Kinki University
Ikehara, Kenji (Japan) Nara Women's University
Iseli, Christian (Switzerland) Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Ismael, Mohamed (Japan) Tohoku University
Isokpehi, Raphael (United States) Jackson State University
Itiki, Cinthia (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Iwata, Haruka (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Jaafar, Rosmina (Malaysia) University Kuala Lumpur
Jacobs, Tonya (United States) University of California, Davis
Jacquir, Sabir (France) University of Burgundy
Jadavji, Nafisa (Canada) University of Lethbridge
Jain, Preti (United States) HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Jain, S. K. (India) Hamdard University
Jannin, Pierre (France) University of Rennes 1
Jasson, Sylvain (France) Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Jayaraman, Dheepakkumaran (United States) Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Jayasekera, Jinani (Sri Lanka) Health Action International Asia-Pacific
Jenkins, Richard (United Kingdom) De Montfort University
Jha, Sumit (United States) University of Central Florida
Jia, Xiaofeng (United States) Johns Hopkins University
Jia, Yi (United States) Iowa State University
Jiali, Bao (China) Zhejiang University
Jiang, Da (China) Fudan University
Jiang, Shiqin (China) Tongji University
Jiang, Xianyang (China) Wuhan University
Jiang, Yang (China) Harbin Medical University
Jiang, Yue (China) Sichuan University
Jiang, Yuhao (United States) University of Central Oklahoma
Jianmei, An (China) Shanxi Normal University
Jie, Xiao (United Kingdom) Oxford University
Jin, Gang (China) Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jin, Jing (United States) Cornell University
Jirik, Radovan (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Jo, Cheolwoo (South Korea) Changwon National University
Jourdan, Laetitia (France) University of Lille1
Kabbani, Nadine (France) University Paris 6
Kachel, Erez (Canada) Sheba Medical Center
Kahlem, Pascal (Spain) Scientific Network Management SL
Kairmpour-Fard, Anis (United States) University of Colorado Denver
Kajita, Yasukazu (Japan) Nagoya University
Kalari, Krishna (United States) Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Kaloti, Aniket (United States) Northwestern University
Kamboh, Awais Mehmood (United States) Michigan State University
Kamei, Junzo (Japan) Hoshi University
Kan, Lixin (United States) Northwestern University
Kandt, Christian (Germany) University of Bonn
Kane, Bridget (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Kaneko, Kunihiko (Japan) Kyushu University
Kanwal, Jagmeet (United States) Georgetown University
Kaplan, Lewis (United States) Yale University
Karacsonyi, Claudia (Italy) Italian Institute of Technology, Genova
Karameh, Fadi (Lebanon) American University of Beirut
Kardos, Julianna (Hungary) Chemical Research Center
Karigar, Chandrakant (India) Bangalore University
Karimi, Hassan (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Karnovsky, Alla (United States) University of Michigan
Kasischke, Karl (United States) University of Rochester Medical Center
Kastania, Anastasia (Greece) Athens University of Economics and Business
Kasturi, Jyotsna (United States) Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Kausel, Gudrun (Chile) Southern University of Chile
Kazanis, Ilias (United Kingdom) University of Cambridge
Kazemi, Kamran (Iran) Shiraz University of Technology
Kelil, Abdellali (Canada) University of Sherbrooke
Keller, Jan (Germany) Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Kenchappa, Rajappa (United States) Vanderbilt University
Kentzoglanakis, Kyriakos (United Kingdom) University of Portsmouth
Kerner, Berit (United States) University of California Los Angeles
Khader, Shameer (United States) Insitute of Next Generation HealthcareIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Department of Genetics
Khairy, Khaled (Germany) European Molecular Biology Lab-Heidelberg
Khalaf, Abeer (United States) University of Florida
Khalid Alamgir, Muhammad (Pakistan) National Institute of Vacuum Science
Khare, Vijay (India) Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
Khatri, Vivek (United States) Hunter College of The City University of New York
Khichane, Madjid (France) IBM
Khojasteh, Elham (Canada) McGill University
Khuri, Sami (United States) San Jose State University
Kidd, Brian (United States) Stanford University
Kihara, Yasuki (Japan) Hiroshima University
Kile, Kara (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Kim, Yong-Hyuk (South Korea) Kwangwoon University
Kimiaei, Sharok (Sweden) Karolinska Institute Medical Radiation Physics
Kindy, Mark (United States) Medical University of South Carolina
Kirby, Michael (United States) Loma Linda University
Klados, Manousos (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Klishko, Alexander (United States) Georgia Institute of Technology
Kloepper, Tobias H. (United Kingdom) MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Knijnenburg, Theo (United States) Institute for Systems Biology
Ko, Chien-Chuan (Taiwan) National Chiayi University
Ko, Jaewon (United States) Stanford University
Kodali, Anil K (United States) University of Illinois
Kodituwakku, Sandun (Australia) Australian National University
Kolar, Radim (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Kolh, Philippe (Belgium) University Hospital of Liege
Kollmeyer, Thomas (United States) Mayo Clinic
Kolovou, Lamprini (Greece) University of Patras
Komerath, Narayanan (United States) Georgia Institute of Technology
Koral, Kenneth (United States) University of Michigan
Korampally, Venumadhav (United States) University of Missouri-Columbia
Kortschak, Dan (Australia) University of Adelaide
Korzun, Viktor (Germany) KWS LOCHOW GMBH
Kostakoglu, Lale (United States) Mount Sinai Medical Center
Kostopoulos, Spiros (Greece) University of Patras
Kostyukevych, Kateryna (Ukraine) National Technical University of Ukraine
Kota, Srinivas (United States) Southern Illinois University
Kota, Srinivas (United States) University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Koucký, Miroslav (Czech Republic) Technical University of Liberec
Koutsouris, Dimitrios (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Koyama, Sachiko (Japan) Hokkaido University
Kresse, Adelheid (Austria) Medical University Graz
Kretzberg, Jutta (Germany) University of Oldenburg
Kroumov, Valeri (Japan) Okayama University of Science
Krupka, Tianyi (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Kuang, Yu (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Kuang, Yu (United States) Stanford University School of Medicine
Kulkarni, Sarvesh (United States) Villanova University
Kumar, Dinesh (Portugal) University of Coimbra
Kunze, Gotthard (Germany) Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
Kuo, Huang-Cheng (Taiwan) National Chiayi University
Kuroiwa, Yoshiyuki (Japan) Yokohama City University
Kyselovic, Jan (Slovakia) Comenius University of Bratislava
Laforet, Jeremy (France) University of Montpellier
Lambercy, Olivier (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Lan, Ning (United States) University of Southern California
Langdon, Patrick (United Kingdom) University of Cambridge
Langin, Chet (United States) Southern Illinois University
Lapidus, Alla (United States) US Department of Energy
Lara, Juan A. (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Latinovic, Olga (United States) University of Maryland
Lau, Phooi Yee (Portugal) Institute for Telecommunications
Laule, Cornelia (Canada) University of British Columbia
Lavrov, Igor (United States) University of California Los Angeles
Lavrov, Vasily (Russian Federation) Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS
Lazarova-Molnar, Sanja (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Lease, Hilary (United States) University of New Mexico
Lebres, Antonio (Portugal) University of Beira Interior
Ledesma, Sergio (Mexico) University of Guanajuato
Lee, Adam (United States) University of Maryland
Lee, Chien-Cheng (Taiwan) Yuan Ze University
Lee, Jeong-Whan (South Korea) Konkuk University
Lee, Jerry (United States) Johns Hopkins University
Lee, Joo Hwan (South Korea) Seoul National University
Lee, Sang Hee (South Korea) Myongji University
Lee, Sarah (United Kingdom) King’s College London
Lehrer, Gerard (United States) Emeritus - The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
Leidy, Chad (Colombia) University of the Andes
Lemerle, Caroline (Germany) European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Lemke, Rainer (Germany) SunGene GmbH
Lemos, Manoel V. F. (Brazil) Estadual Paulista University
Leng, Shuguang (United States) Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Lessard, Simon (Canada) School of Higher Technology
Leung, Chi-Ming (Henry) (Hong Kong) University of Hong Kong
Leung, Kwong Sak (Hong Kong) University of Hong Kong
Levinger, Pazit (Australia) La Trobe University
Li, Changqing (United States) University of California Davis
Li, Changzhi (United States) University of Florida
Li, Chuan (China) Sichuan University
Li, Dalin (United States) University of Southern California
Li, Isaac (Canada) University of Toronto
Li, Jay-Shake (Taiwan) National Chung Cheng University
Li, Jianming (United States) Purdue University
Li, Jingyi (United States) University of Maryland
Li, Jun (United States) University of Minnesota
Li, Min (China) Central South University
Li, Ming (United States) National Institutes of Health
Li, Xiangning (China) Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Li, Yimei (United States) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Li, Ying (United States) University of Chicago
Li, Yong (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Liao, Birong (United States) Eli Lilly and Company
Lim, Choo Min (Singapore) Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Lin, Boren (United States) University of Toledo
Lin, Chun-Yu (United States) University of Arizona
Lin, Lei (China) Harbin Institute of Technology
Lin, Lifeng (United States) University of Georgia
Lin, Qiu-Hua (China) Dalian University of Technology
Lind, Nancy (United States) Illinois State University
Lindh, Thomas (Sweden) Royal Institute of Technology
Liou, Jau-Cheng (Taiwan) National Sun Yat-Sen University
Lipinski, Piotr (Poland) University of Wroclaw
Lisewski, Andreas Martin (United States) Baylor College of Medicine
Litman, Thomas (Denmark) Exiqon A/S
Little, Deborah (United States) University of Illinois at Chicago
Liu, Bo-fu (Taiwan) National Chiao Tung University
Liu, Dikai (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
Liu, Guang (Australia) University of Southern Queensland
Liu, Huafeng (China) Zhejiang University
Liu, Jie (United States) Northwestern University
Liu, Mei (United States) University of Kentucky
Liu, Tian (United States) Cornell University
Liu, Tianming (United States) University of Georgia
Liu, Wanqing (United States) University of Chicago
Liu, Yutong (United States) University of Nebraska Medical Center
Liu, Zenghui (United States) Drexel University
Liu, Zhicheng (China) Capital Medical University
Liwo, Adam (Poland) University of Gdansk
Lobo, Arthur (United States) University of Texas at Dallas
Lobo, Jorge (Portugal) University of Coimbra
Lodé, Thierry (France) University of Rennes 1
Logie, Colin (Netherlands) Radboud University
Logrip, Marian (United States) University of California San Francisco
López Esparza, Ricardo (Mexico) University of Sonora
López-Callejas, Regulo (Mexico) National Nuclear Research Institute
Lorenzano Menna, Pablo (Argentina) National University of Quilmes
Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob (Spain) University of La Laguna
Lou, Shun-Tian (China) Xidian University
Lu, Kwok-Tung (Taiwan) National Taiwan Normal University
Lu, Ying (United States) Rockefeller University
Lucas, Yves (France) University of Orléans
Luh, Jer-Junn (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Lui, Fausta (Italy) University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Luo, Sean (United States) Columbia University
Luo, Yi (United States) Ohio University
Lust, David (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Lustgarten, Jonathan (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Lymberopoulos, Dimitrios (Greece) University of Patras
Ma, Liyong (China) Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai
Ma, Mark (United States) Amgen Inc.
Maas, Stefan (United States) Lehigh University
MacChesney, John B. (United States) University of Washington
Madihally, Sundararajan (United States) Oklahoma State University
Maercker, Christian (Germany) University of Applied Sciences
Mahapatra, Dwarikanath (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Mahmoudi, Saïd (Belgium) University of Mons
Maia, Anabela (United States) University of Rhode Island
Mailund, Thomas (Denmark) University of Aarhus
Main, Doreen (United States) Washington State University
Mainardi, Elena (Italy) University of Ferrara
Majid, Zulkepli (Malaysia) University Technology of Malaysia
Makeyev, Oleksandr (United States) Diné College
Makikawa, Masaaki (Japan) Ritsumeikan University
Malliavin, Thérèse (France) Institute Pasteur
Malyavantham, Kishore (United States) University at Buffalo
Mancilla, Jaime (United States) University of North Carolina
Mancini, Cristina (Italy) National Institute of Health
Manfredi, Sabato (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Mantaras, Mª Carla (Argentina) National University of Entre Ri­os
Manto, Mario (Belgium) Free University of Brussels
Mantovani, Luiz (Brazil) Federal University of Parana
Marabotti, Anna (Italy) Department of Chemistry and Biology - University of Salerno
Margelevicius, Mindaugas (Lithuania) Institute of Biotechnology
Márquez Flores, Jorge (Mexico) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Marra, Vincenzo (United Kingdom) University of Sussex
Marrosu, Francesco (Italy) University of Cagliary
Martella, Giuseppina (Italy) University of Rome
Martin, Edward (United States) Ohio State University College of Medicine
Martin, Lenore (United States) University of Rhode Island
Martín-Clemente, Rubén (Spain) University of Seville
Martínez, Alexandra (Costa Rica) University of Costa Rica
Martínez Peinado, José (Spain) Complutense University of Madrid
Martín-Fernández, Marcos (Spain) University of Valladolid
Martín-Landrove, Miguel (Venezuela) Central University of Venezuela
Marti-Sistac, Octavi (Spain) Autonomous University of Barcelona
Masani, Kei (Canada) University of Toronto
Massobrio, Paolo (Italy) University of Genova
Maswood, Sharmin (United States) Millersville University
Mathewson, Kory (Canada) University of Alberta
Mathiak, Klaus (Germany) RWTH Aachen University
Mathura, Venkat (United States) Roskamp Institute
Matsuno, Akira (Japan) Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center
Matukumalli, Lakshmi (United States) George Mason University
McAdory, Brenda (United States) Tennessee State University
McGregor, Robert (Switzerland) ETH Zurich
Mckeigue, Paul (United Kingdom) University of Edinburgh
McLaughlin, Pat (United States) Penn State University
McMullen, Colleen (United States) University of Kentucky
Md Dawal, Siti Zawiah (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Medina-Ceja, Laura (Mexico) University of Guadalajara
Mehdorn, Maximilian (Germany) University of Kiel Hospitals
Meigas, Kalju (Estonia) Tallinn University of Technology
Mendbayar, Badarch (Mongolia) Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium
Méndez, Martín (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan
Menezes, Gerard (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Meraz, Marco (Mexico) Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute
Meuillet, Emmanuelle (United States) University of Arizona
Mezei, Mihaly (United States) Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Mezentseva, Nadejda (United States) New York Medical College
Mhawech-Fauceglia, Paulette (United States) Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Mikulik, Karel (Czech Republic) Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Milanova, Mariofanna (United States) University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Miller, Kenneth (United States) Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Miller, Paul (United States) Brandeis University
Minea, Alina Adriana (Romania) “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi
Mironov, Andrey (Russian Federation) Moscow State University
Misiaszek, Greg (United States) University of Southern California Davis
Mitchell, Charles (United States) Gramlbing State University
Mithani, Aziz (United Kingdom) University of Oxford
Mitsis, Georgios (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Mittal, Chetan (India) Phililps Electronics India Ltd.
Miyakawa, Naohisa (Japan) RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Mneimneh, Mohamed (United States) Marquette University
Moaddel, Ruin (United States) National Institutes of Health
Mobasheri, Hamid (Iran) University of Tehran
Mohammadi, Mohamad (Iran) Hamadan University of Medical Sciences
Molaee-Ardekani, Behnam (France) University of Rennes 1
Molinari, Filippo (Italy) Polytechnic University of Turin
Molinari, Nicolas (France) University Montpellier
Momo, Fernando Roberto (Argentina) National University of General Sarmiento
Mondaini, Rubem (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Moner, David (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Montevecchi, Franco (Italy) Polytechnic University of Turin
Mora, Diego (Italy) University of Milan
Morairty, Stephen (United States) SRI International
Moral, Pedro (Spain) University of Barcelona
Moreau, Richard (France) University of Lyon
Moreno-Bote, Rubén (United States) University of Rochester
Morth, Jens Preben (Denmark) Aarhus University
Motsinger, Alison (United States) North Carolina State University
Mougiakakou, Stavroula (Switzerland) University of Bern
Moura, Alexandra (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Moustafa, Ahmed (United States) University of Iowa
Mramor, Minca (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Mrotek, Leigh (United States) University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Mukhtar, Muhammad (Pakistan) Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
Munirathinam, Gnanasekar (United States) Univ of Illinois
Murashima, Yoshiya (Japan) Tokyo Metropolitan University
Musto, Daniela (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Naaman, Shmuel (Canada) McGill University
Nachliel, Esther (Israel) Tel Aviv University
Nagai, Yoshinori (Japan) Kokushikan University
Naing, Nyan Myo (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Najar, Fares (United States) University of Oklahoma
Nakai, Akio (Japan) University of Fukui
Nakai, Junichi (Japan) Saitama University
Nakajima, Aki (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Nakamura, Kana (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Nakamura, Satoki (Japan) Hamamatsu University
Nanba, Eiji (Japan) Tottori University
Napathorn, Suchada Chanprateep (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University
Nawrot, Martin (Germany) Free University Berlin
Nayak, Sabita (United States) Hofstra University
Nayak, Subramanya (India) Manipal University
Neme, Antonio (Mexico) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Nesterenko, Vladislav (United States) Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
Ng, Ka-Lok (Taiwan) Asia University Taiwan
Ng, Patrick (United States) Cornell University
Ng, Vincent (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Nguyen, Binh-Minh (United States) Northwestern University
Nieminen, Pentti (Finland) University of Oulu
Nishimura, Kunihiro (Japan) University of Tokyo
Niu, Ben (China) Shenzhen University
Noor, Rana (India) Jamia Millia Islamia
Norlin Weissenrieder, Anna (United States) St Jude Medical
Nozaki, Kazunori (Japan) Osaka University
Ochieng, Joel (Kenya) University of Nairobi
Ochiya, Takahiro (Japan) National Cancer Center Research Institute
Odet, Christophe (France) National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon
Oertel, Joachim (Germany) Johannes Gutenberg University
Oguz, Ipek (United States) University of North Carolina
Oh, JungHwan (United States) University of North Texas
Ohta, Makoto (Japan) Tohku University
Ohta, Yuji (Japan) Ochanomizu University
Okada, Masahide (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Okolo, Sophie (United States) Ramapo College of New Jersey
Oliveira, Diana (Brazil) State University of Ceara
Olmo, Ettore (Italy) Marche Polytechnic University
Omori, Toshiaki (Japan) University of Tokyo
O'Mullane, Brian (Ireland) University College Dublin
Onwuzulike, Kaine (United States) Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Oprisan, Sorinel (United States) College of Charleston
Orru, Germano (Italy) University of Cagliari
Ortega, Julio (Spain) University of Granada
Ortiz-Boyer, Domingo (Spain) University of Cordoba
Oruckaptan, Hakan (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Ostfeld, Avi (Israel) Israel Institute of Technology
Othman, Mohd Fauzi (Malaysia) Technological University of Malaysia
Ould Mohamed, Moctar (France) Laboratoire Hubert Ccurien
Oya, Kei (Japan) Kogakuin University
Padilla, Gabriel (Colombia) National University of Colombia
Pal, Ranu (United States) University of Kansas
Palmer, Lucy (Australia) Australian National University
Pan, Linqiang (China) Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Panaro, Mª Antonietta (Italy) University of Bari
Panayiotakis, George (Greece) University of Patras
Panetsos, Fivos (Spain) Complutense University of Madrid
Pang, Changlin (United States) Replenish, Inc.
Papazisis, Georgios (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Paramesran, Raveendran (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Pareek, Tej (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Park, Sue Kyung (South Korea) Seoul National University
Parkash, Jai (United States) Florida International University
Parnetti, Lucilla (Italy) University of Perugia
Pasley, Brian (United States) University of California Berkeley
Pasquaré, Susana (Argentina) National University of the South
Passera, Katia (Italy) Politechny of Milan
Passos, Joao (United Kingdom) Newcastle University
Patt, Marianne (Germany) University of Leipzig
Pauwels, Kevin (Belgium) Katholieke University of Leuven
Pavlicek, William (United States) Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Pawlikowski, Marek (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Pazouki, Mohammad (Iran) Material and Energy Research Center
Pécatte, Jean-Marie (France) University Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III
Pelletti, Chiara (Italy) University of Pisa
Pereira, Andy (United States) Virginia Tech
Pereira, Bruno (France) University of Montpellier
Perfetto, Juan Carlos (Argentina) University of Buenos Aires
Perini, Giovanni (Italy) University of Bologna
Perrotti, Linda (United States) University of Texas at Arlington
Pessana, Franco (Argentina) Favaloro University
Peterhans, Matthias (Switzerland) University of Berne
Peters, Judith (Netherlands) Maastricht University
Petrella, Francesco (Italy) European Institute of Oncology
Pettinato, Cinzia (Italy) University of Bologna
Pezeshki, Adel (Belgium) Ghent University
Phongkitkarun, Sith (Thailand) Mahidol University
Piché, Mathieu (Canada) University of Québec Trois-Rivières
Pietzsch, Jens (Germany) Research Center Dresden-Rossendorf
Pimentel Piemonte, Mª Elisa (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Pinheiro, Antonio (Brazil) Federal University of Bahia
Pinna, Graziano (United States) University of Illinois at Chicago
Pio, Frederic (Canada) Simon Fraser University
Pirger, Zsolt (Hungary) Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Pisa, Ivan (Brazil) Federal University of São Paulo
Piskin, Mehmeet Burcin (Turkey) Yildiz Technical University
Pitcher, Mark (Canada) McGill University
Pittet, Patrick (France) University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Planutis, Kestutis (United States) University of California Irvine
Platzer, Dieter (Austria) Medical University Graz
Pohl, Carlien (South Africa) University of the Free State
Pol, Abhijit (United States) University of Florida
Polo-Parada, Luis (United States) University of Missouri
Pop, Horia F. (Romania) Babes-Bolyai University
Postnova, Svetlana (Germany) University of Marburg
Potcoava, Mariana (United States) University of South Florida
Pouget, Pierre (United States) Vanderbilt University
Pousin, Jerome (France) University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Prabu, Moses (United States) The Commonwealth Medical College
Prentice, Howard (United States) Florida Atlantic University
Preul, Mark (United States) St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
Proenca, Hugo (Portugal) University of Beira Interior
Prom-On, Santitham (Thailand) King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Provaznik, Ivo (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Pugalenthi, Ganesan (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Purushothaman, Gopathy (United States) Vanderbilt University
Pyakuryal, Anil (United States) University of Illinois at Chicago
Pyne-Geithman, Gail (United States) University of Cincinnati
Qasaimeh, Mohammad (Canada) McGill University
Qi, Jinpeng (China) Donghua University
Qian, Zhi Rong (Japan) University of Tokushima
Qin, Weiping (United States) Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Qin, Xiao-Qiong (United States) Northwestern Polytechnical University
Qiu, Yuanyuan (Judy) (Canada) University of Alberta
Qu, Hui-Qi (Canada) McGill University Health Centre
Quattrone, Alessandro (Italy) University of Trento
Quinn, Steve (Australia) Menzies Institute for Research
Rabinovitch, Avinoam (Israel) Ben-Gurion University
Racay, Peter (Slovakia) Comenius University
Radde, Nicole (Germany) University of Stuttgart
Radyushkin, Konstantin (Germany) Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine
Rajah, Mª Natasha (Canada) McGill University
Ramachandran, Anandhi (India) International Institute of Health Management Research
Raman, Girija (United States) University of California Davis
Rapacioli, Melina (Argentina) Favaloro University
Raphael, Lavoie (Canada) University of Ottawa
Rasheed, Sarbast (Canada) University of Waterloo
Rashidi, Farzan (Iran) Hormozgan University
Rathnayake, Suren (Australia) University of Queensland
Rauscher, Alexander (Canada) University of British Columbia
Recatala, Gabriel (Spain) Jaume I University
Redondo Marey, Carmen Mª (Spain) University of Vigo
Reeve, Lawrence (United States) Comcast Interactive Media
Rehm, Markus (Ireland) Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Ren, Jim (United States) University of Michigan
Repka, Joe (Canada) University of Toronto
Reyes, Enrique (United States) East Carolina University
Reyes, Mauricio (Switzerland) University of Bern
Richard, Noël (France) University of Poitiers
Richens, David (United Kingdom) Nottingham University Hospitals
Richey, John (United States) Medical University of South Carolina
Riemer, Martin (Germany) University of Hamburg
Rigotti, Mattia (United States) Columbia University Medical Center
Riid, Andri (Estonia) Tallinn University of Technology
Rittner, Leticia (Brazil) University of Campinas
Riyahi Alam, Nader (Iran) Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Rizzo, Giovanna (Italy) Institute of Molecular Bioimaging and Physiology C.N.R.
Robbins, Kay (United States) University of Texas at San Antonio
Roberts, Adam (United Kingdom) University College London
Robinson, John (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Robinson, Priscilla (Australia) La Trobe University
Rocaries, Francois (South Africa) Tshwane University of Technology
Rodger, Damien (United States) California Institute of Technology
Rodrigues, Jean Marie (France) University of Saint Etienne
Rodríguez, José Luís (Colombia) National University of Colombia
Rodríguez Lozano, Gloria I. (Colombia) National University of Colombia
Rognvaldsson, Thorsteinn (Sweden) Halmstad University
Rohmanuddin, Mohammad (India) Bandung Institute of Technology
Roka, Sebastian (Austria) University of Vienna Medical School
Román, Isabel (Spain) University of Seville
Romero, Samuel (Spain) University of Jaen
Romeu, Antoni (Spain) Rovira i Virgili University
Ronan, Patrick (United States) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Rosas-Romero, Roberto (Mexico) University of Las Américas Puebla
Rossetti, Stefano (United States) Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Rossi, Giuliano (Brazil) Opto Eletronica S.A
Rowe, Eric (United States) Iowa State University
Ruan, Tongjun (United States) New Mexico Tech
Rubio-Escudero, Cristina (Spain) University of Sevilla
Rudinsky, Alexander (Russian Federation) I.P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS
Rusznák, Zoltán (Hungary) University of Debrecen
Ryu, Keun Ho (South Korea) Chungbuk National University
Saari, Matti (Canada) Nipissing University
SadAbadi, Hamid (Iran) K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Saidi, Rabie (Tunisia) University of Artois
Saito, Daniel (Brazil) State University of Campinas
Sakatani, Yuma (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Sakellaropoulos, George (Greece) University of Patras
Saksena, Nitin (Australia) University of Sydney
Sakurai, Yoshio (Japan) Kyoto University
Sala Soriano, Pilar (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Salas-Ramírez, Kaliris (United States) City University of New York
Salem, Zaher (Gaza Strip) Environment Quality Authority
Salimpour, Yousef (Iran) Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Salinari, Serenella (Italy) University of Roma
Salvado, Olivier (Australia) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Salvador-Recatala, Vicenta (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Samorani, Michele (United States) University of Colorado at Boulder
Sampedro, Jose (United States) University of Michigan
Sanches, João (Portugal) Technical University of Lisbon
Sánchez Margallo, Francisco M. (Spain) Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre
Sánchez Margallo, Juan A. (Spain) Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre
Sangvanich, Polkit (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University
Sansom, Steve (United States) University of Nebraska Medical Center
Santamaria-Pang, Alberto (United States) University of Houston
Santos, Roseane Mª (United States) South University
Saravanan, Ponnusamy (United Kingdom) University of Warwick
Sardesai, Nagesh (United States) Purdue University
Sargolzaei, Saman (Iran) Amirkabir University of Technology
Sargolzaei, Saman (United States) Florida International University
Sariyar, Berna (Turkey) Marmara University
Sasaki, Masanori (United States) Yale University
Sato, Fumihiko (Japan) Kogakuin University
Sato, Yoshihide (Japan) Kogakuin University
Sazanov, Alexei (Russian Federation) Russian Academy of Agricultural Science
Schaer, Thomas (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Schetinin, Vitaly (United Kingdom) University of Bedfordshire
Schiavi, Emanuele (Spain) Rey Juan Carlos University
Schierwater, Bernd (Germany) Institute of Animal Ecology and Cell Biology
Schiessl, Ingo (United Kingdom) University of Manchester
Scholler, Nathalie (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Schrobsdorff, Hecke (Germany) Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Goettingen
Schroeder, Brenda (United States) Washington State Univeristy
Segond, Marc (Spain) European Center for Soft Computing
Seiz, Marcel (Germany) Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg
Selvaggi, Luigi (Italy) University of Bari
Seo, Seongwon (South Korea) Chungnam National University
Sepehri, Behrooz (Iran) Islamic Azad University-Mashad Branch
Sequerra, Eduardo (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Sereda, Michael (Germany) Max-Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine
Serinagaoglu, Yesim (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Serohijos, Adrian Wendil (United States) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Serrrano, Luis (Spain) Public University of Navarra
Setayeshi, Saeed (Iran) Amirkabir University of Technology
Severi, Stefano (Italy) University of Bologna
Sevestre-Ghalila, Sylvie (France) University Paris Descartes Paris 5
Shafran Tikva, Sigal (Israel) Jerusalem college of TecnologyHadassah university medical centerThe Hebrew university
Shah, Anuj (United States) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Shamir, Reuben (Israel) The Hebrew University
Shen, Meng-Ru (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Shen, Shan (United Kingdom) University of Surrey
Shi, Chengyu (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Shi, Xinwei (United States) University of California
Shiba, Kogiku (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Shigeyoshi, Yasufumi (Japan) Kinki University School of Medicine
Shin, Bok-Suk (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Shin, Young Kee (South Korea) Seoul National University
Shinawi, Marwan (United States) Baylor College of Medicine
Shinde, Deepali (United States) University of Southern California
Sholl-Franco, Alfred (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Shyu, Conrad (United States) University of Idaho
Si, Dong (United States) Computer ScienceNorthwest Missouri State University
Siegal, Gene (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Silvestre, Daniel (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Simpkins, Alex (United States) University of California San Diego
Singh, Mahavir (Germany) Helmholtz Center for Infection Research
Singla, Rajesh (India) National Institute of Technology Jalandhar
Sisto, Margherita (Italy) University of Bari Medical School
Slaughter, Stephen (United States) University of Dallas
Smela, Elisabeth (United States) University of Maryland
Smith, Dean (United States) Texas Tech University
Soares, Mª Albertina (Brazil) State University of Ponta Grossa
Soares, Thereza A. (United States) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sobha Rani, T. (India) University of Hyderabad
Soda, Paolo (Italy) University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome
Sohrabi, Ahmad (Iran) University of Kurdistan
Sokhansanj, Bahrad (United States) Drexel University
Solé-Casals, Jordi (Spain) University of Vic
Soliman, Sherif (United States) Princeton University
Song, Jiuzhou (United States) University of Maryland
Sordo, Margarita (United States) Harvard Medical School
Soto-Romero, Georges (France) Franche-Comté Electronique Mécanique Thermique and Optics - Science and Technology
Souglakos, John (Greece) University General Hospital of Heraklion
Spampinato, Concetto (Italy) University of Catania
Spencer, Kylee (United States) Vanderbilt University
St. Peters, Megan (United States) University of Michigan
Stalidis, George (Greece) Technological Institute of Thessaloniki
Stamatakis, Michail (United States) University of Delaware
Starr, Melanie (United States) Drexel University College of Medicine
Stindel, Eric (France) University Hospital of Brest
Strzelecki, Michal (Poland) Technical University of Lodz
Sturino, Joseph (United States) Texas A&M University
Su, Wei (United States) National University of Defense Technology
Sucharita, Mitra (India) University of Calcutta
Sui, Xiaohong (China) Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Sun, Liang (United States) Proportional Technologies, Inc.
Sun, Mianen (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sun, Zhirong (China) Tsinghua University
Sundaraj, Kenneth (Malaysia) University Malaysia Perlis
Sundararajan, Rajeswari (United States) Purdue University
Sundstrom, Jeffrey (United States) Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Suri, R. K. (India) Monad University
Susa, Tomoya (Japan) Kogakuin University
Swiercz, Aleksandra (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Syvanen, Michael (United States) University of California at Davis
Szulc, Michal (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Tafreshi, Reza (Qatar) Texas A&M University at Qatar
Takahashi, Kazutaka (United States) University of Chicago
Takahashi, Yusuke (Japan) Kogakuin University
Takaki, Miyako (Japan) Nara Medical University
Tamagawa, Masaaki (Japan) Kyushu Institute of Technology
Tan, Huiling (United Kingdom) University of London
Tan, Mehmet (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Tanaka, Kouji (Japan) Waseda University
Tarawneh, Monther (Australia) University of Sydney
Tassin, Jean-Pol (France) National Center for Scientific Research
Tavakolian, Kouhyar (Canada) Simon Fraser University
Tavares, Joao Manuel R. S. (Portugal) University of Porto
Tazi-Ahnini, Rachid (United Kingdom) University of Sheffield
Tekmal, Rajeshwar Rao (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Teng, Chia-Chi (United States) Brigham Young University
Tentoni, Stefania (Italy) Institute of Applied Mathematic and Information Technology
Thambyah, Ashvin (New Zealand) University of Auckland
Theimer, Carla (United States) University at Albany
Theis, Kevin (United States) Michigan State University
Thibaut, Andre (Belgium) Catholic University of Louvain
Thongvigitmanee, Saowapak (Thailand) National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Thuault, Sebastien (United States) Columbia University
Tian, Haibin (United States) Case Western Reserve University
Tian, Mengnan (United States) Vanderbilt University
Tilley, Michael (United States) Central Methodist University
Ting, Hua Nong (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Tirado-Ramos, Alfredo (Netherlands) University of Amsterdam
Tirupula, Kalyan (United States) Univeristy of Pittsburgh
Toft, Egon (Denmark) Aalborg University
Tognoli, Emmanuelle (United States) Florida Atlantic University
Tomakidi, Pascal (Germany) University Hospital Heidelberg
Tong, Jiansong (United States) Iowa State University
Tong, Raymond (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tong, Weiwei (United States) Boston University
Torres Salazar, Delany (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Touboul, Jonathan (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Touhami, Wala (Tunisia) Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis
Trachtenberg, Elizabeth (United States) Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
Traisathit, Patrinee (Thailand) Chiang Mai University
Treuillet, Sylvie (France) University of Orleans
Trommershäuser, Julia (United States) New York University
Troparevsky, Mª Inés (Argentina) University of Buenos Aires
Tsai, Shin-Han (Taiwan) Taipei Medical University
Tsiknakis, Manolis (Greece) Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Tsipouras, Markos (Greece) University of Ioannina
Tsoi, Lam (United States) Medical University of South Carolina, USA
Tulpan, Dan (Canada) National Research Council of Canada
Tuncok, Yesim (Turkey) Dokuz Eylul University
Turley-Stoulig, Tara (United States) Southeastern Louisiana University
Tyrer, Harry (United States) University of Missouri
Ubeyli, Elif Derya (Turkey) TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Uemura, Ryuuhei (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Uetake, Hiroyuki (Japan) Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Ukwatta, Eranga (Canada) Carleton University
Unlap, Tino (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ustun, Cevat (United States) California Institute of Technology
Uversky, Vladimir (United States) Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
Uzunay, Yusuf (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Vadlamudi, Ratna (United States) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Vaez, Mohsen (United Kingdom) University of Sheffield
Vafaee, Manoucher (Denmark) Aarhus University Hospital
Vaghefi, Ehsan (New Zealand) University of Auckland
Valavanis, Ioannis (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Valdez-Peña, Sergio Ivván (Mexico) Centre for Research in Mathematics
van de Berg, Wilma (Netherlands) VU University Medical Center
VanAuker, Michael (United States) University of South Florida
Varadwaj, Pritish Kumar (India) Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
Varghese, Rency (United States) Georgetown University
Varghese, Rency (United States) Georgetown University Medical Center
Varughese, Joe (Canada) Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Vasquez, Harold (Venezuela) University of Carabobo
Vassalle, Cristina (Italy) Italy National Research Council
Vassileva, Vessela (United Kingdom) Nature Publishing Group
Vasudevan, Soniya (India) Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology
Vecchi Brumatti, Liza (Italy) University of Trieste
Vega Alvarado, Leticia (Mexico) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Vega González, Luís Roberto (Mexico) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Veglianese, Pietro (Italy) Mario Negri Institute
Velasco, Francisco (Spain) University of Seville
Velasquez, Elinor (United States) U.C. Santa Cruz
Venkatraman, Subramaniam (United States) University of California Berkeley
Ventosilla, Palmira (Peru) Cayetano Heredia University
Ventura, Mario (Italy) University of Bari
Venture, Gentiane (Japan) University of Tokyo
Vestergaard, M. (Japan) Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Vicentini, Renato (Brazil) State University of Campinas
Vidal, Pierre-Paul (France) University Paris Descartes
Vidotti, Silvana Aparecida B. G. (Brazil) Estadual Paulista University
Vieira, Gisele R. (Brazil) Federal University of Amazonas
Vieira, Sandra (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Vignetti, Marco (Italy) Gruppo Italiano Malattie EMatologiche dell'Adulto
Vijayan, Perumal (Canada) University of Saskatchewan
Vilaprinyo, Ester (Spain) University of Lleida
Villegas, Hyxia (Venezuela) University of Carabobo
Virta, Valerie (United States) University of Washington
Volf, Jaromir (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University
Vonck, Kristl (Belgium) Ghent University
Vrba, Radimir (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Vu, Khuong (United States) Texas Tech University
Vural, Imran (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Waddell, Michael (United States) Pangaea Information Technologies, Ltd.
Wadghiri, Youssef (United States) New York University School of Medicine
Wahab, Abdul (Singapore) Nanynag Technological University
Wahnoun, Remy (United States) Arizona State University
Wai, Lionel (Hong Kong) The University of Hong Kong
Wallace, David (United States) Oklahoma State University
Wan Harun, Wan Abdul Rahman (Malaysia) Standards and Industrial Research Institute Malaysia
Wang, Chuan-En (United States) Emory University
Wang, Dian (United States) Medical College of Wisconsin
Wang, Hong (China) Northeastern University
Wang, Jing (United States) Curis Inc.
Wang, JiunJie (Taiwan) Chang Gung University
Wang, Juan (United States) Delta Micro technology Inc
Wang, Sumei (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Wang, Xiaona (Hong Kong) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wang, Xinwang (United States) Texas A&M University
Wang, Yanshan (United States) Mayo Clinic
Wang, Yu (United States) Marquette University
Wang, Ze (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Watanabe, Eiichi (Japan) Fujita Health University
Waye, Mary (Hong Kong) Chinese University of Hong Kong
Webb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo (United States) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wegmueller, Marc Simon (Switzerland) Institute of Technology Zurich
Wegrzyn, Jill (United States) Claremont Graduate University
Wei, Tao (United States) Eli Lilly and Company
Wen, Yunfei (United States) Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Wen, Zhou (United States) Iowa State University
Weng, Ching-Feng (Taiwan) National Dong-Hwa University
Weng, Xiaohong (China) Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering
Wexler, Ydo (United States) Microsoft Research
Wiese, Stefan (Germany) Ruhr University Bochum
Wieser, Matthias (United States) University of Florida
Winters, Jack M. (United States) Marquette University
Wintjens, René (Belgium) Free University of Brussels
Wolbank, Susanne (Austria) Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatolog
Wolf, Klaus-Hendrik (Germany) Technical University of Braunschweig
Won, Deborah (United States) California State University, Los Angeles
Won, Deborah (United States) University of Southern California
Wong, Koon-Pong (United States) University of California
Wong, Stanley Thian-Sze (Hong Kong) University of Hong Kong
Wouters, Merridee (Australia) Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Wu, Hongwei (United States) Georgia Institute of Technology
Wu, Ming Che (Taiwan) Mackay Memorial Hospital
Wu, Sheng-Nan (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Xiao, Dong (United States) University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Xu, Jinbin (United States) Washington University School of Medicine
Xu, Qing (United States) Cornell University
Xu, Xingzhi (China) Capital Normal University
Xueling, Bai (China) Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Xylas, Joanna (United States) Tufts University
Yan, Peimin (China) Shanghai University
Yanagihara, Yoshio (Japan) Osaka City University
Yang, Aiping (China) Beijing Union University
Yang, Baofeng (China) Harbin Medical University
Yang, Chunmei (China) Tianjin University
Yang, Dong (United States) University of Rochester
Yao, Jun (United States) Northwestern University
Ye, Ping (United States) Washington State University
Yeh, Chun-Yu (Taiwan) Chung Shan Medical University
Yehualaeshet, Teshome (United States) Tuskegee University
Yemisci Ozkan, Muge (Turkey) Hacettepe University
YIn, Wei (United States) Oklahoma State University
Yingthawornsuk, Thaweesak (Thailand) Department of Media Technology, King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi
Yoon, Yourim (South Korea) Seoul National University
Yorukoglu, Deniz (Turkey) Sabanci University
Yoshioka, Tohru (Japan) Graduate Insstitute of Medicine Kauhsiung Medical University
You, Jia (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Young, Shuenn-Tsong (Taiwan) National Yang-Ming University
Yousefi Rizi, Fereshteh (Iran) Tehran University of Medical Science
Yu, Qianru (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Yu, Xiaozhen (United States) University of Mississippi
Yu, Yan (United States) Thomas Jefferson University
Yu, Yuguo (United States) Yale University School of Medicine
Yuan, Xin (United States) GlaxoSmithKline
Yukhananov, Rus (United States) Brigham and Women's Hospital
Yung, Ken (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Baptist University
Yunus, Jasmy (Malaysia) Technology University of Malaysia
Zacksenhouse, Miriam (Israel) Israel Institute of Technology
Zahedi, Edmond (Iran) Sharif University of Technology
Zamor, Richard (United States) University of Oklahoma
Zara, Giacomo (Italy) University of Sassari
Zebedin, Eva (Bahamas) Medical University of Vienna
Zeng, Dehuai (China) South China University of Technology
Zeng, Jia (Canada) University of Calgary
Zhang, Hao (United States) Duke University
Zhang, Huanmin (United States) United States Department of Agriculture
Zhang, Tie (China) South China University of Technology
Zhang, Xiaochun (United States) University of Wyoming
Zhang, Xu (China) Capital Medical University
Zhang, Yu (United States) Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Zhang, Zheng (China) Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zhang, Zping (United States) Texas State University
Zhao, Hong-Bo (United States) University of Surgery
Zhao, Quanming (China) Hebei University of Technology
Zhao, Wei (China) Southern Medical University
Zhao, Wenle (United States) Medical University of South Carolina
Zhao, Xuechun (Patrick) (United States) The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Zhao, Ying (China) Tsinghua University
Zheng, Dingchang (United Kingdom) Newcastle University
Zheng, Jian-Ping (China) China University of Geosciences
Zheng, Ying (United Kingdom) University of Sheffield
Zhong, Zhihui (United States) University of Rochester Medical Center
Zhou, Fengfeng (United States) University of Georiga
Zhou, Lufang (United States) Johns Hopkins Hospital
Zhou, Ping (United States) Northwestern University
Zhou, Xuefeng (United States) Washington University in St. Louis
Zhu, Yi (United States) Synopsys, Inc
Zollfrank, Cordt (Germany) University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Zuccarello, Mario (United States) University of Cincinnati
Zvára, Karel (Czech Republic) EuroMISE s.r.o.

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